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When pregnant with #3, my midwife told me of 2 ladies that had u/r at the hospital. Both not induced. First lady was going for a VBAC and ruptured at the hospital, baby and mum fine. Second one was a lady who had scheduled a repeat and ended up rupturing at 33wks for no reason, not in labour. Baby died and she was in ICU for a very long time, she was really sick. Freaked me out a bit as i was going for a HBAC but tried not to think about it.
For my first (emergancy c/s) i knew DH wouldnt be able to handle it. He passed out a couple of times before the birth, once at anti natal classes when they were talking about c/s and once after the midwife had gone through what would happen during the c/s. So i asked my Mum to come with me. She was so good and helpful and got the first cuddle of her first grandchild. For birth #2 i made DH be there as i had no one else, my Mum lives 3hrs away and wasnt there yet. He was...
Had 2 VBAC's and i never even thought about it.
I was told to wait 6 months to get pregnant after my c/s by midwife. I waited 4month and my midwife didnt mind and as PP I had a wonderful VBAC 13 months after my c/s. Then 21 months later had a HBAC.
All 3 of mine had meconium and i never took CO. #1 agumented - overdue - distressed - meconium when waters were broken - c/s #2 VBAC with epi - on time - no distress - meconium when waters were broken #3 natural at home - overdue - no distress - meconium when waters broke
I had the not dropping thing with my first ended up having a c/s and i put it down to my pelvis being twisted. I didnt find this out until 32wks pregnant with #2 after i had been to a chiropractor and then 1wk later she dropped and had a VBAC. Who knows if that was it or not?
My first Vbac was 2 days over and my 2nd (HBAC) was 10 days over by my date and 18 days by scan date.
I was 6lbs 10oz, DH was 7lbs. All our children have been bigger then what we were! DD1 was 7lbs 12oz DD2 was 9lbs DS was 8lbs 7.5oz
I totally felt like that after #1 and well that is why there is 13 months between them. After #2 i wanted another one right after but DH said NO WAY! So we waited and conceived 3 days after her 1st birthday. After i had #3 i was the same i really wanted to have another bubba but as time has gone on (hes nearly 8 months old) its faded and sometime i wonder if i even want another one, and this is from a lady who said that if she has #3 she has to have a #4 to keep it even! LOL
#3 was born on our bed, i spent most of my labour in the pool but my midwife wanted to check me because i was having terrible hip pain with every contraction so we went into the bedroom and i ended up laying on my side for ages and then as it was getting intense i turned on to hands and knees. When i started pushing i grabbed the bars at the head of the bed to support me into a sort kneeling position. Felt really good and affective.
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