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I'm working on my playlist too! Not sure I'll want to listen to it, but I'd rather have it ready just in case.   Right now I'm feeling like upbeat love songs might be good.  I'm also putting in "Get Ready" by Rare Earth, just for fun!   If all else fails, I might just try a video I used once on youtube for meditation.  I just searched for meditation music.   I'm not sure if I'll want to "zone out" or rock out!  Ha ha!
My iron levels were testing fine for pregnancy but "low" for a non-pregnant woman.  I was feeling sleepy all the time so I started taking Blood Builder by Mega Foods.  I seemed to have more energy and less sleepiness within the first week!  
Just a chime in of support!  DS #1 is not circumcised and we've NEVER had a single problem. No special care at all required! DS #2 will not be circumcised either!   You are making the right choice.
Hugs to all of you, sweet mamas! You have no idea how much better this thread makes me feel!! We will get through this, right??? Less than 3 months now! Tspencer, my midwife actually told me NOT to carry my son anymore. He "only" weighs 25 pounds, but it does feel so heavy. How can I not carry my sweet boy though??? I do have DH carry him when possible, but I still want to be there for him!
Thank you!  Hugs to you too!
Hi ladies!   I haven't posted many things but I thought this would be a good time to share with women who know what I'm going through.  Maybe I just need a little commiseration.   This is my second pregnancy and with my first I LOVED being pregnant.  I took everything in stride and felt pretty darn good the whole time.   This time around I feel SO BIG, my feet are starting to swell, I'm so sleepy and tired, it's so uncomfortable to bend over, I'm so tired of having...
Thanks! Ok! I was wondering which would be the "lesser of 2 evils." I might visit a wholistic dentist in the area and see what she recommends. Although I worry she will be very disapproving of my many metal fillings and make me feel even worse. I certainly don't need that! Yeah, I so wish I knew then what I know now and I never would have gotten the metal fillings in the first place.
Oh no! I visited the dentist today for a regular cleaning and found out I have 2 broken mercury fillings. I'm so worried and I don't know what I should do. Since I'm going to breastfeed, it will be at least another 2.5 years until I could really feel "safe" getting them fixed, but I don't like the ideas of 1) possible leaking of the mercury and 2) getting an infected tooth while pregnant. So I figure I have to either get them fixed now or wait until I'm breastfeeding. I...
I have terrible skin as well, but on the opposite end of the spectrum. My skin is soooo dry and itchy I am getting really worried about it!  With baby #1 I got an EXTREMELY itchy rash all over my body around 17-20 weeks.  It was hell and basically robbed me of sleep for a month and it was super embarrassing because my arms even got swollen from the irritation.     Again this time around, I am getting really itchy and have scratched up my arms and legs already! At...
Thanks for posting this!  I just wanted to chime in and say I finally got some magnesium.  I have the oral kind (Natural Calm) and I also made up a spray with the magnesium bath flakes.  So far I have noticed it helps me sleep more soundly.  What I'd LOVE to happen is have it help me prevent leg cramps, which I got really badly with baby #1.  But the sounder sleep is definitely welcome! In fact, off to catch some Zzzzzzzs right now!   Again, thanks for sharing the...
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