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My son has one and my daughter will require one. They arent too bad honestly.
I was a teen mum (17) and the best thing anyone ever did for me was NOT treat me like a teen mum. They expected exactly the same from me as from any other mother. I didnt get special "teen mum" treatment. If I wanted to go out, I paid my dad to babysit. If i wanted to go to school or work I had to find daycare.   I saw many of my pregnant peers mothers step in and take over so thier teens could still be teenagers. Other mums I saw come in bc they didnt believe thier...
My kids are 16, 11, 10 and 7.  I decided that I wanted to do everything "perfectly". I spaced my middle 2 out exactly 18 months b/c that was the ideal age I was told. That any more was too far apart and they woudlnt bond and any closer and they would be rivials.   So, I went by the book.   And my son was born 5 weeks early and my daughter, who was 16.5 months old, still wasnt walking or talking. I didnt get to breastfeed as long as I wanted to bc my son had an...
I'm one of the few parents in this country who is willing to invest the time and energy in learning about and implementing these things, and my kids totally balk at it   How do you know this? DO you really know that yyou are one of the chosen few in this country that parents thier kids after researching the best methods of doing so? Really? I find it hard to believe that 99.5% of the population do not invest as much time and enegery in thier kids as you do....
Can you try it a different way?   ANything above basic food and shelter is optional. IOW you dont have to provide anything not considered an necessity, They are earned.   Start him off with a bed, his luvie (comfort toy) and thats it, No TV, video games, no toys, nothing else. Healthy, well balanced meals, no ice cream or poscicles. Those are earrned. Basic back yard play, parks are earned.   Everything is earned based on positive interactions. That way you...
God yes. All of what you do is wonderful...but ONLY if its not ruining your relationships with your kids anf husband.   Honestly, putting your kids in a school wont ruin them. Giving them a bottle will not send them into therapy. Telling them you need a break and will not be bothered (except for emergencies) while you are in the tub will not make you a bad mother.  
My DD1 who has autism was always w/o shoes.   So long as his foot has good arches, then its all good. The thing to avoid is flip flops. They will encourage horrible walking patterns and foot development.
There was a famous opera singer whom sung beautifully, but could not speak due to such severe stuttering he was inpossible to understand.   Signing and speaking are seperate parts of the brain. Which is why he is able to sing, but not speak.   My DD has difficulty in walking, but she can dance wonderfully. Different muscle memory, different movement patterns memorized in the brain.    
It depends on the age gaps honestly.   My oldest and youngest are 10 year apart.   My middle two are 16.5 months apart.   The oldest/youngest never ever fight   My middle two dont stop fighting.    
By a daughter who I was so sure I would breastfeed, and who ended up being tube fed with formula.   By planning another child so they would be the exact "right" age....18 months apart. Only to have a 16.5 month old who still didnt walk and a newborn who came 5 weeks early and screwed my plans.   By losing my father.   By too many things that I cant count.        
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