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My ODD does the passout when hurt, stressed or anxious. Then she takes it one step further and stops breathing until she has seizures from the lack of oxygen. Harmless, but really scary to watch.
Actually they do care if your being abused..   If there is any type of abuse in the house..including abuse against the mother then they will remove any children in the home.   It is a new protocal they set into motion in the late 1990's. The child doesnt have to be abused, just in the home where the abuse in occuring and they are removed. 
I am a large, "religious" family, in a poor neighborhood, that does not vax, homebirths, homeschools, cosleeps, and had a disabled daughter due to an at-home accident some time before.  I was a string of red flags    I actually have all the above myself. But 2 disabled kids.   It honestly can work against you. Esp when you are out of the norm of what society thinks. 99% of the time if there is nothing to find, then thats what theyw ill find. You are increasing...
We got ours through our PT. Another mum suggested it to us and we loved it. Our PT wrote out the rx for us.  
Yep. My daughter has cortical visual impairment. She can read (is dyslexic), but she cant tell if something is moving or still, if there are stairs, curbs, drop offs.....she doesnt know if a shadow is a puddle or a 500 ft hole.   She cant visually understand where her body is in space. How full things are. How far things are away from her.   Is he also the one whose eyes were red on the pics?   I would get him checked for albinism or optic nerve hypoplasia....
I am new here. I am here with 2 of my 4 kids.   My oldest girl  currently underwent genetic testing for Fragile X. We are awaiting the results. She is autistic, altho we have run the gamunt on that dx...from HF, to PDD-nos, to not autistic but mentally delayed with ADHD........ and right back to Autistic. She didnt walk until she was 27 months and she didnt speak until she was 4. She uses PECS well, mostly as a means of knowing what comes next.   She is severely...
Oh, thanks for the tip. Do I know you on NOAH at all?   My dd has OCA 2.
Has he seen an opthomologist?   My daughter has albinism and lacks pigment in her eyes. ALL her pics have severe red eye in them.   Ocular albinism is very prominant in boys. It may be nothing. But its worth looking into.
   Definately see a physical therapist. One associated with a hospital should be free. They can order your child a walker or mobility aid.    shriners is great.  
I think I would avoid being confrontational. The CPS is the LAST group of people I am gonna throw attitude at. Why? B/c they have the irght to remove your child.   The workers go by the gold standard "People who have nothing to hide, hide nothing."   Nothing peeks their "Something is hinky" meter more then a parent who refuses them entry when they are there to ensure your childs safety.   I would love to say "They have no formed opinion about you prior to meeting you."....
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