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I agree with you. You have the right to not have your kids exposed to irresponsible alcohol use.
There are 3 sisters that I know. They have 4 girls between them. Every single one of those little girls have been molested by an uncle. And never the sae uncle.   So, yea, no sleepovers with little girls and adult males in the same home.   While I competely understand that not all men are perverts. I have two wonderful sons too.   But I wuold never put either my little girl or my sons in a posistion that could be misconstruied or at worst abused.   The...
The short answer is this: You cant make him be a parent. You just cant.   Forget him. Have your girls see a therapist weekly or more if required to focuss on thier emotions and ensure that they understand their own worth.        
We use CNIB and its free. Maybe try your local chaper of vision services instead of going through that therapist.
I said you shouldnt try and diagnose yourself or your children using only on-line guides    Not that you shouldnt be educated about common illnesses and conditions.        
Let me preface this by saying that I understood that you are recieving services currently w/o having the DX.   In Autism you teat systmatically. If he has speech issues, you address the speech issues. If he has sensory issues, you treat the sensory issues being presented.   The ASD label doesnt really matter if you have a good set of therapists. They are treating the probelms that they see. If he has a receptive speech delay, that is the area they focus on. The...
At 3, there is nothing to do for actual Homeschooling.   Provide information on where you will take him to socialize with his peers. What summer activities you plan on doing with him. Any playgroups you have joined.   As for education, this could be your answer:   "Its still to early to choose a curriculum with him yet. I would like to see where his skill sett is and what type of learning style would suit him. I have some great HS resources on line. And by...
My kids will always be first. I choose to have them. They had no say in the matter so to speak.  
Yep. This.    
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