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Why do we kill ourselves to met some ideal mother image that NO ONE actually accomplishes?   How much AP is "good enough"? When you cant bear to be aorund your own child b/c you are so exhausted? Does breastfeeing mean that much in all honesty? More then being functional and happy?   I have seen it so much of this since joining mothering groups.   We need to start making the mothers happy and healthy if we are to have any success with our kids. If we become...
This boy has 3 homes. I truely dont think its unreasonable that he forgets things. Wouldnt you?   If the bathing suit is at his mums house and he is at his Gramms house, why should he not swim b/c they adults in his life can not come up with an actual parenting plan that has what he needs available to him?     .
Kids are smarter then we give them credit for. He knows that w/o actions words mean little.   Being the grown up SM to a childish BM is no picnic. You have done everything you could to ensure her toes didnt get stamped on.   Words are just words when thrown up on a wall on FB. There is no action behind them. Kids see that.
Be greatful you have someone to look after your child. When you ask a favor, you lose the right to complain about how its accomplished (as long as it is reasonable).   Your child is having a new sibling.. The harm of spending one night away from her bed is not irrepairable and will soon be forgotten when the baby arrives.
Okay, finished it.. I would like a copy of it also when you have time. Thank you.
What type of carseat are you using?   Infant carseats arent made to support the stomach of an infant, esp one with reflux or such.   Maybe not feed him right before a car ride so his stomach isnt trying to digest in an unnatural posistion.   Can you get a convertable car seat instead of an infant one? Or have a nurse/lactition help you find a better support for your son that takes any pressure off his stomach?
If he cant even support hismelf right now then he shoudlnt be having sex. Its not like we dont know how babies are made. Its not by twittering.   HE choose to have sex. He needs to choose the consequences. And if he cant feed himself, then it wasnt the right time to engage in an activity KNOWN to create babies.  
Yes. This. A thousand times.    
Why does their parenting affect your life?   I have seen this senario over and over lately. New mums believe that they have the superior parenting style and unfriend those whom dont follow the same AP guidelines.   It shockes me.   I have 4 kids of my own, including a 16 year old and a foster child who is now in her mid twenties with 2 kids of her own.   It was hard enough being a parent, but to them be defriended b/c I didnt act or parent in the mannar...
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