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I was offended by her insistance that she felt superior to this other mum b/c that mums kid was only 3 months old and her kids was over 17 months old.   Do you not feel that it is disengenious to say "I feel judged by a mum whom I have superior parenting expereince to.?"   I gave her a bit of advice. Dont bother feeling superior. You have alot of parenting left to do.
Linda, your DD sounds identical to mine.   I really like this quote:    to believe that we can determine what sort of human being another becomes is just our ego.     I breastfed, coslept and wore my oldest girl. She was the typical...back to sleep, cosleeper child. and she has ASD, anxiety and relates to the world in such a different mannar then anyone else.   My youngest girl, I coudlnt breastfeed, she coudlnt lay on her back, she coudlnt sleep in my...
She sounds just like my DD. My DD has dyslexia and has all the above.   However, those things are also all very typical for kids under the age of 8.   How is her spaitial awareness? Does she know where her body is in relation to things and people?   Some kids are just slower to develop. But if you are concerned then I would suggest private testing for LD's.
I find that I am more judged by other AP mums then I am by mainstream mums. Mainstream mums dont tend to think much of how I parent my kids. They may think ex breastfeeding or CDing is odd.   But some AP mums....wow. I am never going to be crunchy enough. "Oh you homeschool? How nice. We unschool. Its proven to be so much better for kids development. I just thew all those nasty textbooks out."   (Real convo).    
 You posted info on a public board. I took QUOTES from your posts...things you SAID and responded to them.,   Of course I dont know your entire story. Why would I? But I dont need to know your entire life to respond to a post that YOU made. I get that you dont like the responses you got. However, it is a public board.   You were the one who had the kid with him. If he is that bad a person, why have kids with him? You need to own that choice you made. And not get...
Its HIS child. There is no reason for a stepparent to raise a child when there is a bioparent who is able and willing to do it. Keeping sibs together is not really a legal justification for not allowing a bioparent to claim his child upon the death of the other bioparent.      
So since then, I have not allowed him to take her whenever he pleases, and if he wants her, he pays me money as well. This is to assure that if he wants to spend time with her, he wont talk $&!^ about her mom    Your not punishing him by making him pay to see your child. Your punishing your child. Giving you money in no way requires him not to talk ill about you.     I hope I didn't offend anybody, cause I'm not criticizing people who get C/S but sort of the...
My DH would miss the kids so Much. But we have been seperated for months/weeks at a time b/c of my DDs health.   I was away from my kids for two weeks b/c my dad just died.   Its doable. This women is very ill. I think everyone should put that issue first and make it a learning experience. It wont traumatize anyone, honestly.
That is not exactly odd honestly.  
Thank you!
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