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That would be a great idea. I know the rate of breastfeeding with PRS kids is really low, I am so happy to hear that it is actually doable tho.   My DD has it also. We ended up having to tube feed. Her jaw, b/c she is syndromic, still is way too far back. We will probably have to have surgery.
Sounds like he isnt sure that he has the ability to be a good parent.   That may change.   Some fathers are excellent hands on parent right from then get go. Some take time to warm up to something they consider so completely dependant on them.   Some are just crappy fathers.   It doesnt sound like he is tho. More unsure and unwiling to take the risk and fail.
My friends 11 year old swallowed a sewing needle. It got lodged and she had to have surgery from her cehst to her public bone to find and remove it.   But a quater has no sharp edges. It should pass freely.
We have had issues getting even an IEP when my DD was 6. She was finally tested last week for Irlens, even after the request was made in September by her Opthomologist.   My finding is that they will test only if the teacher decides that your child has an issue that requires testing.   You can try private funding for tests, or pay out of pocket. But seriosuly at 6 any type of testing for certian LD's such as dyslexia wont really be reilable. At 6 they are all...
Will do.   But do you want just cleft palates? Or are you looking at things like Pierre Robin, that cause cleft palates....but also have a jaw malformation that makes breastfeeding impossible? (since you are doing it for a lactation course)        
My daughter who is Visually impared and has severe issues with hypermobility in her joints, ankle maformations and a 1 and 3/4 leg length difference and wears bilateral leg braces.......actually does Tap, Jazz and a pre professional ballet class (and a rec ballet clas).   We took a chance and put her in, dispite all the issues with her legs and vision.....and she SHOCKED us. Absoluetly stunned us at how well she has done, and how much more work it is for her then the...
Thank you Moonfire. I liked your points also.   What really bothered me about that situation, was that my DD tube was attached to her face, an NG tube. So they could well see that she wasnt a typical child who was able to breastfeed.   But still felt the need to point out my deficences as a parent.   In the end, we all love our kids. And we are all trying to do our best.   But it should never be at the expense of other people.    
But no, I get a mom who only has a 3mo telling me she knows better and thinks CIO is ok?!?! How can I help not feeling superior? I've got 17 month more experience    But you have 17 months experience with YOUR child. Not with hers. Not with mine. Yours.   And seriously, you CAN help feeling superior b/c you are NOT superior. You are equal. Your both mothers. You both have babies. That is equal.   I have a 16 year old, an 11 year old, 10 year old and a 7 year...
I think she had every right to intervene if she felt it was inappropriate for her children.   Its possible that maybe she had had a similair event, or that one of her children (the 5 year old) maybe had a history of having bad dreams about stuff like this.   I will totally intervene if the topic is one that I know my DD will obsess over. Maybe she felt the same way. Maybe her son had had something stolen from himm and the idea still upsets him.   Also, Jane...
I think the issue occurs when a test takes in typical sensory avoiders for young children. Lots of young children sensory seek. That isnt unsual. Lots of toddlers dont like getting their face washed, hands dirty etc.   The concern only appears when these sensory behaviours interfer with his daily life to the point that they affect his ability to function and complete daily tasks.    
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