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Yup, this.  No flipping clue what this baby will be named.  He/she never even got a pregnancy nickname!  I'm chalking it up to "third child syndrome".  Baby, I promise I love you, I just don't know what to call you ;-)  
35wks 5 days, 50% effaced and still tight as a drum.  That doesn't mean much though because last time I was 2 then 4 centimeters for days and days until all of a sudden I went from 4 to fully dilated in about 40 minutes and baby just about dropped out, lol!
Oh heck yeah! I let them give me Pit with my first birth (before I really really knew better) and I swear to you all that if anyone comes at me with pitocin this time around I will send them bleeding and bruised from my birth room! During my Mother's Blessing yesterday one of the ladies was on the phone with her boyfriend getting updates on his sister who was having her first. Sad to say her 39wk induction led to a stalled labor led to upping her pitocin drip led to doc...
I was a Fuzzi Bunz "hostess" back during the brief time they did home sales so I have nearly 20 ( or more) of each regular size, plus a few x-small, x-lrg and petites. The mediums have seen years of use through my two older boys, but hopefully they will hold up for one more kiddo. Add me to the sposies for the first couple of weeks club too. I'm planning on spending that time in bed cuddling my baby, not doing laundry.
I'm with an OB and a maternal fetal doc right now due to some odd complications halfway through, and neither of them palpate.  Crazy, I know.  I learned some very basic hands-on palpation techniques in a To Labour doula class and so far I've been spot-on.  I understand why a doc/midwife wouldn't want to put much stock in baby positions before 32 or so weeks, but now that we are all getting closer I imagine we'll get more info on position from our care providers.
One little midwife/doula "trick" is to keep your mouth open and relaxed or open and smiling.  Tight, clenched lips, jaws and facial muscles directly relate to a tight, clenched bottom.  Open, relaxed mouth can help release the tight tissue down bellow.  One friend had great success singing opera through her birth :-)
Just had to swoon a bit.  Spent the day yesterday listening to Ina May talk about midwifery, normal birth, oxytocin and...shit ;-)  It was great and just what I needed right now.  Heading out in an hour to listen to her discuss birth with a group of nurses and nursing students.  Yay!
I'm in the same boat!  I haven't stressed over much at all this pregnancy, but now I'm starting to panic about showing up at the hospital only to find that the on-call doc from my OB's practice is cut happy and hesitant to work with me on my second VBAC.  I had to fight every step of the way for my last one and while I did luck out and have one nurse who was clearly in my corner, the hospital itself is not very normal-birth friendly.
Warning, I'm gonna get all preachy here, lol!  Pregnancy #1 I failed the 1 hour and passed the 3 hour.  Pregnancy #2 I passed the 1 hour.  With this pregnancy I had to see an OB while I was on an extended trip and when she heard about my big babies (8 14 and 9 1) and modest weight gain (just over 20lbs both times) and the fact that I had failed my first 1hr she suggested that I might actually have had GD, even though I "passed" the test.  I decided to go on a GD diet...
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