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Petunia Pickle Bottom and Ju Ju Be are probably going to be the best shot at finding what you're looking for in a diaper bag.  They are a little costly (I'm not sure how much WeeBees sold for but since it's lasted you so long I'm going to bet it was a little costly.) but are worth every single penny.  The customer service if something goes wrong is fantastic, the construction and design are brilliant, and they're actually cute!  Plus, you can usually find a lot of them...
Gerber prefolds are filled with polyester batting so they don't really absorb much.  Definitely try a different prefold!  Our preference is for GMD (Green Mountain Diaper) prefolds.  As for the rash give CJ's BUTTer a shot.  We were in a similar situation constantly battling a rash and it kicks butt!  I don't know much about EC but there is a forum for it - maybe they'd be more help?
Honestly, I've felt that way myself in the past few months on occasion.  My daughter is 27 months and almost as heavy as your LO and EVERYTHING was leaking and driving me batty!  We gave it one last effort and stumbled upon Bottombumper one size and bumGenius Elemental OS.  Both have worked wonders for us and we still have another rise setting in both before it's fully open.  For boosters we got doublers from GMD and fold them in half.  Then we slip them in the wetzone...
I love Dr. Bronner's if you're looking for something scented.  We love the soap!
My little flapper!
I am so excited!  My 'local' (read 90 minutes both ways) Waldorf school (Shining Rivers School) is hosting a foundation studies course!  I hope I can swing the deposit and tuition - I want to become a Waldorf teacher and what better time or place to start?  Has anyone taken a similar course?  Or is anyone a Waldorf teacher?  What kind of journey/experience did you have?  Lol, basically just talk to me - I can't wait to start if I can get in!  
It takes me about 3 minutes to run the sweeper over all the floors and 2 minutes or so to pick up all the toys and toss them in their appropriate baskets.  The other 15 minutes is spent unloading/loading the dishwasher and hand washing the few things we have that can't go through the dishwasher.  I didn't think it was such a crazy time frame but I guess it kind of is for some.  I'm not sure what the difference is - maybe it's just because I've been doing it so long I'm...
If possibly I would do both - or maybe alternate?
Thanks a bunch!  We've finally settled on what we're getting for her - I'm so excited!!! 
I have 2 medium/large dogs, 2 grown men, a 2 year old, and me in our home.  I spend about 20 minutes a day cleaning (picking up toys and putting them away when we're done, running the vacuum, and unloading/loading the dishwasher) and one day a week I spend about 2 hours 'deep cleaning'.  In that time I clean the fan blades, mop, dust all the surfaces, clean all the glass, scrub all the baseboards, and groom the dogs a bit.  Lol, everyone makes fun of me because of my...
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