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are you using it with or without the infant insert? We were using the infant insert, and I haven't used the Ergo recently, but I just figured we'd use the infant insert until his legs could fit comfortable otherwise
I wanted to take some in the pumpkin pics, but I kept forgetting until our pumpkins were lookin a little moldy :-/ 
first "chilly" day of the year! I was excited for him to wear his owl hat :) afternoon nap, he fell asleep in just his diaper.   I am SO STINKING IN LOVE!
I carried so high I never had to swap to maternity jeans, in my workout clothes, I look in the mirror and i *feel* like I look normal, but I seem to still be pretty round in the belly when I see recent pictures of myself :-/
it's going good for us, I use a cover, but that's just for my own comfort, and Asher seems to like it, I think he might get too distracted to eat without it.  I haven't gotten any weird looks or anything, but I also pump, and every once in awhile I'll put a frozen bag in his diaper bag if I know we'll be out all day, just in case he gets hungry and we're somewhere where I can't readily drop everything and nurse, for example, yesterday, I was helping my sister move a...
yeah we're at 10 1/2 weeks and no rolling, but also not much tummy time, when he's on his back he kicks his feet up in the air and swings em from side to side, so I'm sure It's not far, but I'm ok with him not rolling, it's much easier lol
By screaming do y'all mean crying?  Asher wakes up and talks/squeals/yells sometimes, but it's like he's just telling a great story, sometimes he talks himself back to sleep, sometimes it progresses to crying which is when I go get him up
I adore his eyes! He just looks like he's about to tell an exciting story!  
Let's go with that! haha
I saw toothy tips in Ashers gums this morning so now I'm trying to get as many gummy smile pictures as I can before they disappear!!!   attitude;   here he is helping me clean the gym   and here he is supervising our workout    
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