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Thanks Tradd, that's good advice. It's on my list of things to find out. Zoning we're fine, but the way we'd like to build, I need to make sure we wouldn't encroach upon the setback. We actually probably wouldn't want to rent it out. I'd prefer NOT having renters, but we'd like to have extra living space for either of our parents if need be, or if our kids decide to go to school locally, it'd be nice to be able to offer them someplace to live that's separate from...
Keeping both makes me so nervous. I hate to be on the hook for two mortgages - even though the rental market is strong, it still makes me nervous. It would be hard to have to pay our mortgage plus cover rent if we had too if something went vacant. Last night, I was all about moving. The single family home is so awesome, walk in ready, we'd love living there.... Today, I'm all about finances. The house could be paid off almost entirely by the time the first...
I have a financial situation I need to think through and am looking for other points of view.... We own a duplex. The owner's side is a little over 1500 sq. feet. It only has 2 bedrooms right now, which isn't enough for us. We do have a tentative plan for remodeling, which would give us an extra room. We'd end up with a somewhat smaller home for our family of 4 than is "the norm" (at least to most people). We'll eventually need to replace the windows (there are a...
I have the same problem. A friend of mine recommended getting those support things people use for doing push ups (like this ). She said it really helped.
They're fantastic. I, for one, would definitely appreciate a tutorial - even a vague one
I bought the same one a month ago - it's already seen a lot of use. I'm really happy with it. I haven't bought a loaf of bread since buying it.
nevermind - I'm a little embarassed having posted the question
the way I read it, you're just replacing your increase on the right edge with a decrease instead. so in answer to your questions: 1) yes, knit a row after your final increase row before you begin the "inc 1 at left edge, dec. 1 st at right edge" row" 2) knit them both in one row, then do a plain knit row 3) yes, after the decrease row, knit one regular row before you begin inc 1 on every edge again. HTH
I hadn't thought about it, TheGirls, but that's a good point! It's 1.99 through September and we'll have it at least 80% paid off by then, with the rest paid off by the end of the next month. THanks for raising the issue; keeping this in mind will make us motivated to stick to the payoff plan....
I'll give it a shot. Tomorrow. After a lot of coffee.
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