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In our family, the person who made dinner starts by saying "let's remember to be thankful for the food on the table and..." and then they add to it.  It then goes around the table and everyone says a few things (with our kids I hear anything from "our cats" to "toilets") and then we squeeze and then we're done!
I can totally relate!  I vacillate between wanting a pretty clean house and wanting to spend time with my kids.  My boys are school aged, so I put them to work with chores, etc.  But it still takes just a short time for the house to become a total disaster...You're right about "this too shall pass" but when they're out of the house I bet I'll be missing the days where I'm stepping on Legos.  I think...?
I totally hear you--some people ask for ideas; others just give what they want to give regardless of what we want...I have found that explaining our preferences falls on deaf ears, and just makes it awkward.  I assume that gifts are given with no strings and once it's ours, we can dispose of what we want.  For us it's also quantity, because our parents are divorced and remarried, so that's 8 grandparents.  Do the math, people!  But giving gifts really isn't about us. ...
Hi there!  I'm also from Colorado...I have read Mothering Magazine for years, but I am new to the forums :D  I have three boys, ages 11, 8 and 6.  My husband and I homeschool and we also each work part time.  I'm so excited to be a part of this community!
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