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Last year after my first mc, all I could think about was getting pregnant again as fast as possible. After the second one, I thought it must be time to give it up. Then I had that chemical which reminded me of how much I truly wanted another baby, regardless of what words I said. I did not tell dh about that last pregnancy. After that I did not mention pregnancy to dh ever. I did make sure to take my supplements and tried to remember to take my prenatals, and to dtd on day...
Kmfx chichi!!! Ladies my heart sinks for you. I feel like last year was such a fog. Losing one in May, another in September, another in November... I understand your feelings right now and my heart aches for you. I do so hope you all get the babies you so long for.
I am so very sorry for your loss mama! It sounds just like my chemical last November. My bleeding was heavy, clotty, and painful. It directly I followed my first two mc's. However, two weeks later to the day of the first day of bleeding I found myself pregnant again. Just when I'd given up. Pamper yourself. Have some wine, a super hot bath, and remember it's okay to cry a bit. Hugs!! There is still hope. Now you know you can still get pregnant. That truly is a good sign....
Gum blossom, I completely understand your trepidation. My pregnancy in November was like that with the tests. This one started off with super faint tests that worried me as well, but I later realized I'd started tested at like 9dpo. I didn't tell dh about my last lost at 5 weeks either. What would have been the point? Even now I have doubts and get worried, even as I begin to accept things. Loss can make things really different in a pregnancy. I would suggest asking...
I think I must just be... I don't know the word. I would just keep my mouth shut about the possibility of pregnancy and figured that dh should know I'm fertile myrtle and if he didn't want a pregnancy, he should do something about it. Since he knew I did want one, even more so after each loss last year. Maybe that makes me wrong, immoral? I don't know. What I did know was that if it worked out, eventually dh would get used to the idea and he could never not adore a...
Hugs and peace mama!
Welcome Leslie! And wow chichi!!! Omigish! I am so excited for you!! With this one I also was icky nauseated right from the first. On the up side it vanished at 8 weeks... SOOO very happy for you! Gallons of gorilla glue headed your way! Stick baby stick!! HUGS!
SWEET!!!! I haven't dtd since I got pregnant November 21st.... Kmfx!!!
Maybe with his bad news your could suggest having a few drinks, then get him nice and sloshed and attack him... Just a thought. ;^)
A) it could totally be that your pee was diluted B) it only takes once Kmfx for you!!!
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