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Can you please add me to waiting to ovulate? Thanks!
I'm thoroughly confused ladies....does anyone care to look at my chart and tell me what the heck is going on? This morning FF took away my crosshairs after one low-ish temp and one below the coverline. This has never happened before. I also never had a pos opk, but thats nothing out of the ordinary for me. Any seasoned charter's input would be greatly appreciated My Ovulation Chart
Please add me to 2WW! Sorry this isn't in bold, iPhone won't let me :-/ Thanks!
Hi ladies! I'd love to join this thread if I may? I'm Momma to 2.5yo DD and we've been ttc for 7months. I'm starting to get discouraged and feeling like I could use some support. DD nurses 2-6ish times/day, and usually throughout the night a handful of times. PPAF arrived when DD was 10mos old. AF just arrived today, so I'm waiting to O..... I have a question about vitamins/supplements. My cycle has been 27-32 days long, with O date being anywhere from CD 14-21. I use...
My husband and I are both 32yo and have been attc for 7-8 months. I temp/chart/use opk, and based on these I have confirmation of ovulation. Our BD timing has been good all but 1 or 2 of those months.   We have a 2.5 year old with whom we had no trouble conceiving, so this is new territory for us. I still nurse her only a few times per day, mostly at night. I've had regular periods since she was 10 months old.   My question is, do you think it's time for me to go...
Melaniee, thank you for replying! Can I ask, where are you located?   Does your state require yearly screenings such as height, weight, vision, etc.? I'm trying to sort out whether private schools (like Waldorf) are exempt from such screenings, or if other faculty members handle this.    Also, who children's dispenses medication?
To those of you with children in Waldorf schools: Does your school have a school nurse? I'm an RN, and our local Waldorf does not. I'm wondering if there might be an opportunity to propose having one (me!). I'm curious to see if many other Waldorf schools employ a nurse. Thanks!
Hi All! I'm feeling like i need some reassurance/advice.  My DD is 19 months old, and is not around kids her age all that much. I truely believe parents put too much emphasis on socializing their young ones when quality bonding time with caregivers will take them farther in life. Having said that, I've been taking cues from DD and noticed her having an increased interest in other kids. So, trying to take her lead I want to get her out and playing with other little...
Oh, yes yes, I know I do not get paid for clinicals. Homebirth midwives usually pay for an assistant, though? Can anyone estimate how much? The 24/7 call thing at a birth center is probably only 2 or so days per week, right? We don't have mw's in hospitals in my area, or that would be a great choice! Thanks ladies!
Can anyone shed some light on a couple questions I have pertaining to midwife's jobs? First, do MW's employed by a birth center work "shifts", as in 12hr or 24hrs on, and then when you're off, you're OFF? I keep thinking with home birth, how it's just you to answer ALL the calls, and go solely to ALL the births.  I'm trying to figure out which may allow me to strike a balance between work and home life. Also, I'll begin a midwifery program in January but I'm an RN...
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