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Every time they start with their scare tactics, share what you know about a baby who has died or been injured from circumcision. There should be plenty of stories online. Then ask them, "wouldn't that be terrible if that happened to [insert your child's name]?
Thanks! I agree with the replies and have no intention of getting my son or any possible future sons circumcised. However, when you read about males getting circumcised at age 4, 10, 25, etc. because of infections, it can make you think.
I have also read about men who don't like being intact but haven't really done anything about it because it's embarrassing and complicated. I don't want to cut off any part of my son that's meant to be there, but I hope he doesn't grow up wishing he had been circumcised. I just wish that having a foreskin was considered just as acceptable as having a nose and that no one questioned it.
My baby is the only boy I know of who isn't circumcised. My husband's step siblings have 3 boys all together. Two I know for sure are circumcised and the other one I don't know about. I have a 2 year old nephew, and I'm not sure if he's circumcised.
On other message boards, I often read about people having their sons circumcised as infants because they knew of older boys/men who kept getting infections and didn't want their sons to have to go through that. Are infections really that common? My intact son is just about 10 months, so I don't have any experience with the intact penis of an older male.
I'm sure he would understand if you told him what circumcision is and how you thought it was a good idea when he was born but later found out it wasn't.
    Stopping in to say my intact son had another uneventful non-circed day. Now someone has stopped in to say that.      
We live in a country where most adult males are circumcised, so most of us grew up thinking of the cut penis as normal. When I was young, I just assumed boys were born that way. When I learned about it later, I thought it was just something you were supposed to do and didn't give it much thought. The first intact penis I saw was on a baby boy at a day care I worked at when I was 19. When I became curious why his parents didn't do what they were "supposed to" some other...
  oatmeal and brown rice baby cereal (tried both), Gerber Graduates puffs, chicken noodle dinner baby food   I know he doesn't need them at the moment, but eventually he's going to be eating a bigger variety of foods and I want to know why his body isn't reacting very well to grains. Plus, grains are easier to store in my bag than fruits and veggies, so it would be nice if he was able to have them.
Is that normal? He's 8 months old now and his body seems to be fine with everything else. However, when he has the smallest amount of grains, he starts vomiting about an hour or two after he has eaten. It lasts a couple of hours, maybe, and he's lethargic when this happens.   I'm hoping that someone here has a logical explanation for this. Thanks!
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