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Thank you so much for sharing this!! I'm definitely going.  =)
Yes, my MW actually did it! Thanks for asking! 
I'm part of a group in NE MD working with MFSB to gain support for the push to legalize CPMs here. We are having a fundraiser on Feb 1st at Broom's Bloom Dairy and will be having a silent auction. If you are interested in attending and/or in donating, please either PM or email me! Emailing will most likely get a response quicker as I don't get on here too often. clarkin0209@gmail.com   Thank you!! 
Thank you so much for sharing this!! I'm working with Jeremy and MFSB in NE MD to try and get more support! I actually came on here to share about a fundraiser we're having in Feb in Harford Co in case anyone wants to attend and/or donate for it. 
I was hoping to post a petition to legalize CPMs in MD on this board since there are so many mamas on here- and esp HBing mamas that this directly affects. I wasn't sure if that would be ok and where to post it. Thank you! 
I just found out I'm positive. My MW has no problem with me doing a HB still, but I just need some more info. She said we could discuss what options I have for before/during labor. I know there are things to eat, take, insert, etc. Anyone have some good links or able to just tell me things I can consider doing? TIA.
In the readings from my MW the part on this is saying to start at 6wks before EDD. How many of you did this? Do you think it really helped you to not tear or did you tear anyways? I tore some with my 2nd and while it wasn't that bad I'd still love to avoid that this time around. I'm not sure how much massaging will help tho or if just having a HB with a MW who lets things happen naturally (and doesn't go using a vaccum) would be enough.  =)
I'm in Harford Co but I'm sure there's no one that close to me! Does anyone on here know of someone who does this relatively close to HarCo?  =)
Has anyone read with/to their kids "We're Having a Homebirth!"? I know I've seen a thread or two on here asking about good book recommendations, but I don't recall seeing this one mentioned. So I'm wondering how good it is and if anyone on here has read it. Looks cute, and isn't expensive, so I'm thinking about trying it. I know there's another good one I've seen the name of on here(can't remember right now) that I'll be looking for too. As well as just watching some...
Congrats! I'm so sorry that your first LO's birth was so traumatic. I agree with pp on finding a good MW right away. She will def help to ease your concerns, imo. Just talk out everything with her. I would be very surprised if you had an experience anything close to what your hospital one was. No one will limit you or force you to do anything in your own home. I know my MW for sure wouldn't. I wish you much luck!  =)
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