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Ex-pat mama - this is a pretty decent deal good for sightseeing in Toronto: http://www.citypass.com/toronto   Also, if you feel like doing a little driving, Niagara Falls and Collingwood (just North of Barrie) are nice places for families.   I can't think of anything else off the top of my head at the moment, but if I do think of more I'll come back and let you know. Hope your trip is amazing! :)
That is exactly my problem :(   I get SO inspired to improve and then about a week goes by and it all goes down the drain - generally going back to being even worse than before!   What an inspiring thread though - I will be trying a lot of these ideas - especially the one about drinking a cleansing tea before consuming...it seems like a great way to pause and think without just stuffing it down...  
This is all such great info. - I have been thinking about switching too for awhile.   Here's my dilemma - I have a really, really heavy flow - to the extent that I usually use a tampon and a pad together. Does anyone else have experience with a heavy flow and cloth pads? I don't really feel good about the diva cup idea...it just doesn't appeal to me...
Does anyone every make a bunch of tortillas ahead and freeze them? Do they turn out well that way?
Thank you! Hope they turn out well :)   That is good to know about eczema - I am always looking for stuff to help out with my husband's and I had no idea that coconut oil would be good - I will do some more research too. :)   Other good uses for tortillas - peanut butter and jelly, tuna fish, cinnamon, sugar & butter, bake them as chips....
Oooh - look up a recipe for chilaquiles - it is like Mexican lasagna (for lack of a better description) - SO tasty and uses leftover tortillas. I bet you could freeze it too.   Also wondering about your use of coconut oil - I've heard conflicting things that it can help lower cholesterol or make it higher - do you happen to know anything about that? Thanks! :)
Hi Shannon - I've found a lot of great info. on DONA.org - I know there are other certifications out there as well, but this one has definitely been helpful to me - I even used their list of doula's in my area to e-mail several of the ladies for information, and all of them responded and were amazingly helpful.  
Awesome to see these recipes - I have been meaning to make my own tortillas for years!  Will give these a try :)
Aspiring doula and midwife (though no plans as to when I will be able to...) - happy to learn along the way though!
OK - oatmeal for breakfast, banana for a snack, black beans for lunch, and mix of cabbage, potato, carrot & turkey kielbasa for dinner - we're back on track!   Also, braved the cold, bundled up the daughter, and walked for an hour outside today. Tomorrow - mall walking (yay - warmth! - now i just have to not buy anything!)
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