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I can't imagine choosing my friends based on their parenting decisions.  I would be friends with - and am friends with - parents of circumsized boys.
I've been on lexapro (a different but pretty similar SSRI - it's the type of antidepressant / antianxiety med that prozac is) for a few (4?) years.  Before that I was on paxil, which is a different SSRI.   SSRI's have changed my life in ways that I could not have expected or understood before I got on them.  Literally life changing.   I don't think they should be our first go to solution for all problems, but if you have real and serious depression or anxiety...
 Agreed - 100%  
  Is diazepam a topical treatment?  If so, do I apply when the glans is red?  Or just periodically?    
  Yep.  I didn't circ my son but I didn't really think much about the aftercare aspect of it.  I started reading this thread and started to worry about penis care, and infections, and felt my head start to explode.  I thought, jeez, maybe I should have just circed.  I didn't know it was this big of a deal.     I think I'm calmed down now, but DS is at an age where he is doing a lot of tugging and now I'm going to worry all the time that he is pulling and micro-tearing,...
You are stating a belief in your existence of a fact.  You can believe the earth is flat all you want, but it does not make the world flat.  And I guess people are entitled to not believe things that are established facts, but it sure makes a rational discussion with them pretty pointless.      
I'm pretty pro-vax and in general, I think your kid should get his tetanus shot.     That being said, I would not feel the need to get a shot based on this prick.
facts are facts - you do not have to believe in them  
I had this issue with both my kids.  I asked my ped and doctor friend and they both said that this is normal.  Neither of my kids have allergies. I think it's just one of those things.  Gross, but normal.  
But not all jobs or all locations.  Some jobs pay the same in all locations.  I live in San Diego.   I looked to transfer within my company to Raleigh, NC.  Same pay.  WAY lower COL.  I also considered London.  Same pay.  Even higher COL.   In general, jobs in high COL areas pay more, but not all, and it's not always logical or rational.   San Diego pays poorly compared to COL because what we call the Paradise Tax.  People want to live here.  So I could get equivalent...
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