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I would not chug it or drink it in large quantities - pregnant or not.  
Not true.  In a fire, the best thing is to keep kids contained where you know they are and can find them.  Small kids tend to do things like hide when there is a fire - not find their way out of a house.    
Total thread jack, but thanks for the book recommendation.  I was just reading some threads looking for book recommendations for a gentle discipline tactic that involves rewards and punishments in addition to natural consequences.  This might be the ticket.  
We are in similar spot.  Sometimes our older kid will trade and give a toy in exchange for the one he takes (and mostly baby is not picky).  But not always.  And he will take crap toys, like a rattle, too, which I know he does not care about.   I tried setting aside some toys that are his only, so he does not have to share with baby.  He will sometimes give the baby those toys out of the blue.     I don't have advice - it does not seem like anything I come up...
as little as possible   hand lotion Kindle lube   alarm clock on top   that's it  
I LIKE the purple tiles!  
Another thought - it was gross when we did this and DD screamed her bloody head off - but the second it was out she was a happy baby.  Right away.   Good luck!
I have a solution, but it's kind of gross.  Get a rectal thermometer.  Put her on her stomach with her butt in the air and have someone hold her. Put the thermometer in.  That alone might be enough to get her going.  If not, I don't know how else to describer this, but push down the skin around her anus like you are popping a zit and try to squeeze it out.     We did this recently when my DD went over a week without pooping.  If you can see it, and it's right there,...
Yeah, I second the BV suggestions.  The symptoms are really similar to yeast infection.     Other than that - hugs.  I had some hard to shake yeasties when I was pregnant too.   Only other suggestion is try to air out your crotch area.  Sleep without panties so you get some breeze.  
I buy a lot of thrift store clothes and I don't have this problem.  Just washing the clothes normally works for me.     The only smell I have gotten is musty old smell.  Sometimes it does not wash out of vintage polyester but only if its super funky to start with.  
New Posts  All Forums: