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Ok, my choices are in!
Oops - i was going to add that I can do multiples of all of mine, so that won't be a problem if more than one person chooses the same thing.   I am going to pick things now!
I totally understand! We sorta switched to Dr. Vines for the same reasons. Our last pediatrician (who is also highly recommended for delayed/alt. vaccination scheduling families) would often run 45 minutes late and spend 4 minutes with our son. We LOVE Dr. Vines--he really, really REALLY is worth the drive.   Switching from our midwife-based prenatal care to a pediatrician was bound to be a rough transition, but Dr. Vines gives the personalized time and attention...
I am sure he is accepting new patients. We've only been using him for 6-8 months or so. I am pretty sure he has other non-vax clients, too.   As a hint: I've found that scheduling early morning appointments is the way to go. He is REALLY thorough. My son is normal and healthy and he spends about an hour with us each time anyway. As a result of his thoroughness, he can run late.. So, go early and avoid the extra wait. :)  
Hey, welcome to the area! I live in Durham, but we use Dr. Vines in Hillsborough.(It's maybe a 20 minute drive?) He's fantastic! Definitely delayed/selective vax friendly. He's very thorough, he takes his time and we never, ever have had a bad experience. I can't recommend him enough! :)   Glad you <3 Durham! 
Lapoli US/US Shipping Please! I'm happy to swap as many times as I'm matched.       Lapoli #1 - Set of 5 11" x 11" Rainbow Waldorf Inspired Playsilks   (Here's a set as an example here: http://farm7.static.flickr.com/6224/6273622631_d75294d96f_z.jpg.  Your set will vary slightly, as they're hand dyed in small batches.)     Lapoli #2 - One 35" x 35" Waldorf Inspired Playsilk / Silk Scarf   (color choices coming)     Lapoli #3 - Wooden Hand...
We've got a gas convection oven as well. (It heats up quickly and cooks evenly.)  There's really nothing that I dislike about it.   Our last place had an electric stove and I really, really disliked cooking on it. In fact, having a gas stove was one of our house-buying requirements.  As ASusan said, it's SO much easier to control the heat with gas. I never want to cook on anything else.     
I love all the felting and the root babies are too cute!
Thanks, appalachiamama! I was lucky enough to be approached by GingerLittle on Etsy for a trade and I am In LOVE with my little mushrooms. She has a really wonderful shop -- very talented and everything is well made. (It was hard to decide what I wanted!)   I love the pumpkin on your table. Is it made from glass?
What a beautiful and inspiring thread! Thanks for finding it, knittygritty, as I know I wouldn't have seen it otherwise.   Here is our table:    
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