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  semi-tex-mex enchilada casserole   Preheat oven to 350F   2 cans of kidney beans, or 1.5 cups pre-pressure cooked beans (I'm avoiding canned goods cause of the plastic) 1 quart +/- of salsa (we use mild, 'cause my husband & mother have acid reflux) 1 cup +/- frozen corn (my dad grows it, so I'm lucky that way :) 2 cups cooked ground beef/TSP/chicken -- or not 2 cups cooked rice, or 1.5 cups instant brown rice (I like to get an extra quart when I do...
*snicker* No way, Jose!  She thinks it's great fun to run...but she does know it's a game, and if we're in a hurry to whatnot, she'll stand still.  All babies are going to be wigglers -- that's why they put that strap on the changing tables -- duh!  :)
You may find this interesting:   http://kristinwartman.wordpress.com/2010/12/31/not-soy-fast/
Ditto what crunchy-mommy said.  Find a pediatric dietician, find a different pediatrician.  You cannot force your child to eat.  If he won't eat it, then there are issues, and it's not just you. Self-inducing vomiting is a scary, scary thing.  Severe food allergies can be disguised as acid reflux.  There are "predigested" drinks for children with similar issues, where the proteins are broken down for easier digestion.  Also, I would caution to buy unsweetened soy milk,...
  Right now my 38 month old is playing in the dirt of our indoor, potted ficus tree.  She gets hours of entertainment out of this. Other entertainment: books, crayons, markers, ink pads (all washable, of course!), blocks, magnatiles, doll house, stuffed animals, word puzzles (like where you fit in the letters to the word), iPad games, magnetic clothing on dolls, tanagrams, cooking (she loves to bake).....   I bought these, and they're great:   The Encyclopedia...
I just asked her if she needed to go, a lot.   Every 45 minutes or so. Occasionally we'd get a "yes" and off we went.  Then I gradually stopped nagging her as frequently.  Now, she's pretty good, but if I can't remember the last time she went, or it's been more than 3 or 4 hours, off we go.
I had a friend whose daughter was like that, and who finally gave up and just started putting her in clothes that she couldn't get off until she gave up the fascination with the private parts.   We just tell my daughter that those are delicate bits and she's got to be careful with them. She really doesn't even like me washing her there, so it's never been a problem.
Note that mouth herpes is a) very common and b) linked to oral cancer.  Kind of a no-win situation there.  
Oh, heavens, yes.  Last nightafter dinner my just-turned-3 daughter got two laundry baskets and spend the better part of an hour making a "zoo", which consisted of taking all her stuffed aniimals and other random, reachable objects and stuffing htem in the laundry basket.  Perfectly normal.  In fact, it's great -- teaches spatial orientation, visualization, object consistency, 3D manipulation, pretend play, self-entertainment.....all sorts of healthy.
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