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Finally got it done
Good idea Natalie!  We're awfully busy here too, running around after the teen and toddler with sweet nursing breaks.  It is nice for all of us to have time when we sit down and focus on the babe.  The rest of the day he's in the sling sleeping, he gets so calm and quiet when I put him in it, he knows it's sleepy time.  I just joined a Seattle Baby Wearing group (they also have a library) and there is a meeting today.  I would love to take the littles but I am so...
I was going to ask what types of nursing wear is best for nursing in a sling.  I have a couple of nursing tops from Motherhood Maternity.  They are fine with the stretchy elastic neckline for pull down access.  I also have one Motherhood nursing tank with that is tight/stretchy around the belly and kind of slimming.  It is awesome as long as I don't pull the straps too tight.  I wish I had one for every day of the week!  With a long sleeve shirt over to pull up I am...
Beautifully written and wonderfully honest, thank you.
Thank you for sharing, good work mama!  I love the meaning of his name
Agreed on the easier g spot which is an awesome perk!  Otherwise...lube, lube, lube!
Kiley--gorgeous children!  Congrats!!
Saadia-What a gorgeous baby!  Thank you for sharing your strong and inspirational birth story!  Welcome Hassan!
I'm not waiting to have my baby but I am here  Hope you are feeling well mama!
Thank you so much for sharing your lovely birth story, well done mama!  Pepper is beautiful and I'm so happy to hear that you are both well.  Congratulations!!
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