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Harmony--I'm sorry mama!  That must be very, very difficult.  Thinking of you!  Big time hugs.  
Congrats Wendy, Vivienne is simply gorgeous!! Congrats Eminencejae, can't wait to hear more!
Congratulations all!  Ginger...she is stunningly beautiful.
Thanks Tropicana for getting us started.  I'm here with baby True who is 3 weeks old (already!)  We're doing the avoid the thrush thing as well and upped the probiotics today.  I'm going to pick up some kombucha tomorrow.  Too bad I can't get my hands on any good kim chee.  I love the stuff and they say foods containing pre and pro biotics are best. Otherwise, we're not getting very long sleep stretches yet but I know they'll come with time.  I'm just loving on this...
Apologies for not getting my beads in the mix!  Our baby came a week early and interrupted my "to do" list!  I hope they turned out beautifully.
I've been in backwards land this time around!  So not into it at the end of pg yet could get into it now, 3 weeks postpartum.  Last two times it was the other way around
Wonderful birth story and beautiful baby!  Congratulations!
Yay!  Congratulations!
Welcome two wonderful Judes!!  Congrats mamas!
ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS.  Thank you so much for sharing.  You have a beautiful family!
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