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Yes, amazing story and beautiful baby...congrats Rae!
Wendy--I had about 3 weeks of birthy type feelings before my LO came along at exactly 39 weeks.  He's number 3, and both of my girls were 40+5.  I had a couple of episodes of light contrax in week 38 and I did feel like the more work I did then, the less I would have to do later, which was very true!  My water broke first, and then active labor didn't kick in for 14 hours.  So I just hung around, but once active labor did start, my baby was born 2 hours later :)  I...
Oh I love the name!  And another 12/12/12 baby, congratulations!
What an amazing story and sweet babe!  Congrats!
He is absolutely adorable!!!  What a sweet story!  Good job mama!
Sunseeker and Lilac- Wonderful news!  Congrats mamas!
He's wonderful!  You made it mama, good work!
He looks like an absolute angel, congrats mama!
Congrats and welcome Justin!
I love it!  Way to go mama!!
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