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How many children would you like to have all together?  Did you go to college in Indiana?  My sister went to IU and we LOVE Bloomington!
Wow Sego, that is a wonderfully awkward and hilarious story!!  Hope it didn't hurt too much? 
Gorgeous!!  You and your daughter are just beautiful!
Happy Sunday ladies!  Hope everyone is doing well... I'm concerned about DarkBlue.  She's probably just busy, but I haven't seen any posts from her in a bit, and she always pops in on Sundays, even if someone else starts the chat.  So Kelly, hope you're ok, we miss you!   Thanks Segolily, for getting us started :)  Glad to hear you had a nice snuggling night with your boys, sounds very sweet.  My DH does the same silly stuff for his friends birthdays.  Football,...
Oooooh Rae I'm sorry!  What a yucky feeling :(  The only way I comfort myself when in that situation is think how glad I am that I'm not waking up with a hangover.  Hmm...does that really help?  Not sure.  Hope you feel better soon!
Thank you for sharing, that is fascinating!  Again, wishing you well for a placenta that moves a little further away, and/or, wishing you well on a peaceful birth scenario whichever route with which you are presented.
Kate-if you're still willing to share, I'd love to see the interesting US picture.  Also, the photos from your wedding are gorgeous!  I just knew you were going to look amazing in that dress.  Congratulations to you and DP!  I'm sorry you're having to undergo the stress of planning for 3 possible birth scenarios, but it sounds like you're finding great support. I will be sending calm, positive vibes to you, the baby, and the placenta :)   Harmony-glad you had a good...
Whew!  We have finally come up for air.  My poor little bubs had Roseola.  Days and days of a high fever, and then last night the fever broke and 2 hours later, the tell tale rash popped up.  She seems to be feeling about 50% better, which is a HUGE improvement.  4 days of being trapped on the couch or in a rocker with her was pretty awful.  And way uncomfortable!  I'm definitely on the uncomfortable train as well.  Driving the carpool to DD1's school is pretty...
*Subbing* Sick toddler.  I am stuck in a rocker or on the couch immobile under a fussy, burning up child. Typing one handed. Will check back in ASAP.  Travelmumma...how scary!  So, so sorry.
The entire "All That You Can't Leave Behind" album by U2 was a lifesaver when I was going through a divorce.  Good luck!
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