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"Scar ring." I didn't know that's what it was called. New information, thank you.    There have been no infections that I am aware of, unless they were silent. He never complained of pain, itching, discomfort of any kind.   Is it possible that my DS tried to retract it, because of something I said or something his Dad said? I can remember when he was little, mentioning that he should pull it back to clean it.    As I said, I'm leaning towards the "let it be"...
It was Anne Lamott who said that being a grandmother is more and more about doing less and less. I'd challenge you to be a pure source of love energy, without trying to change her, or the situation. I think you'll get more of what you want that way...more contact with the babies, less resistance, less anger. Just be the change you want to see in their world. 
This is awesome! I love to see other families nearby with lots of bambinos! Power to the breeders! ;) Mine are 19, 14, 12 (step) and 1. We're thinking of adding another one, but I'm praying for the courage. Threads like this give me courage. :) I'm in downtown Decatur. 
I would call Intown Midwifery, of Atlanta GA, and ask for a referral. 
I'd recommend Carol Hermann, M.D. of Rainbow Kids Pediatrics of Decatur, GA. She's in downtown Decatur. In her sixties or seventies. Been in practice forever. Really down to earth. Very knowledgeable. Totally understanding about vaccine questions. Very progressive, and forward-thinking, but also super well-educated and current.   
Thanks for your response. I am glad to hear it can be a 'normal' thing for a man to have a non-retractable foreskin. Why hasn't it retracted, I wonder? I guess I'm a little sad. I hoped that my son would have an intact penis that functioned the way it was designed to function~with a nice little retractable foreskin. :( I didn't know that penises could develop a hard white ring of scar tissue that could prevent them from retracting. How did it get there? No one talks...
*UPDATE*   Went to visit the pediatric urologist, and he did an examination and said that yes, indeed he does have phimosis--He said it was "true phimosis" not the more common kind that goes away with development. He said there is a tight white ring of scar tissue at the opening of the foreskin. (I haven't seen it, but apparently it's a prominent white ring.)    He prescribed a topical steroid cream, which my son is supposed to apply once in the morning and once...
http://www.cirp.org/library/treatment/phimosis/   This has lots of interesting scientific articles about phimosis, or tight foreskin. 
Well, I know the penis was designed to have a foreskin that retracts. I'm no engineer, but the concerns would probably be reduced sensation, maybe a tight foreskin getting stuck behind the glans, scar tissue developing around any adhesions, risk of infection if things aren't moving properly. Apparently the foreskin can tear during sexual intercourse, usually at the frenulum, if there is this "design flaw." This would lead to scar tissue and pain. 
My son was born in 1997, and I elected not to have him circumcised.    He confided in me that he has recently become sexually active with his girlfriend. While talking about the use of condoms, the risk of pregnancy and disease, and the emotional connectedness that sex brings, I asked him if his foreskin had retracted yet. He said it didn't. So I took him to the pediatrician to have a check-up.   Today she said he'd probably have to have a circumcision, and...
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