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KMOM has a ton of awesome information on GD in her website here is the link. Hope it helps. http://www.plus-size-pregnancy.org/gd/gd_index.html 
If you take that link a number of her other demonstations show up Nicole SuT. She does a great job at showing little tips and tweaks that make wrapping feel better. She rolls her shoulders to move fabric, she angles the wrap in certain ways this to develop the carry better.  Watch how she pulls the fabric rather than bounce baby into the carrier this creates the best balance for supporting the wearer and wearie in a wrap. Lately she makes sure that baby is in the...
You can take baby's feet out of the ring sling. I do not teach feet in.  I can't see where the rings are on you they should be at the corsage position. Send a picture face on. A twist in a ring sling is not always a bad thing. I suggest during my consultations that if a ring sling is not fitting "right" to re-thread the sling after creating a twist the falls across your back this to get a better fit/feel. HTH.
A ruck carry tied under the bum does not take a lot of fabric or if you have excess fabric tied to front would use up the extra. This mostly depends on your size, and size of baby. Here is a link that carefully demonstrates a ruck carry. It is in German yet she takes time so that you can well understand what she is doing with out the audio.    http://www.youtube.com/user/NicoleSuT?blend=2&ob=1#p/u/14/bWdsWk-Y-UQ 
Bring a change of clothes for you and your baby in your carry-on, bow outs and spit happen. If your buying baby a seat carry that to the plane if not baggage check it this so your not juggling baby, luggage and a car seat through security. If you wear your baby,  plan to be asked to take baby out of the carrier. My experience is it totally depends on the TSA person as to *IF* you will be asked to take baby out or not. If baby has shoes on they will have to come...
If you google Jan Andrea you will find a number of Mei Tai patterns, material suggestions and tutorials.
Sleeping Baby Productions have a nice (lower) price point and have a well earned reputation for excellence and a great shoulder pleated.
The value you get from the investment of a wrap, a ring sling or a podegai (Korean style carrier) is they are wraps that can be used from newborn to well into toddler years. If cared for they retain a nice resale value. They are useable from child to child can be used in a variety of positions. As well they are custom every time you use it. I ask the "wearer" where she is located when consulting on the kind of woven to buy. There are lighter weight wraps and heavier...
I think it is important to wrap your baby to your body, not to outer wear.  Outer wear often has slick surfaces that would change the shoulders of a wrap and you may not feel it because of the loft of the coat jacket. This could create a safety issue for baby. As well shared body heat in cloder climates can avoid issues related to exposure.
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