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If baby is holding his head up well and independantly then you a hip or back carry in the a gauze, ring sling or other woven wrap would be ok. A Stretch knit can be worn in a hip carry not back carries. Ergo is IMO to wide a seat for baby to be worn in without theinfant insert and insert only for front carries only,  so Ergo for back carries only when baby is sitting independantly.
Ergo does not recommend thier carrier for young babies without the heart to heart insert.  Baby is usually old enough to be worn in the Ergo without the insert when baby sits well.  The heart to heart has two pieces, I would suggest taking it apart and only use the base to get baby into the proper position of knees about level with babyb's belly button, spread about shoulder width apart and knees about 90*. This position promotes proper development of the hip, and...
I think your baby as reached a more mature place,  she is interested in the world beyond you. I would suggest a hip carry this will give baby a better view of the world yet allowing for baby to filter and reorganize without stress. I would also suggest you start thinking about German Style woven wrap so that you can start doing back carries.  
I would recommend a woven wrap for a baby with hip dysplasia. The woven wrap will not stretch there by changing babies form in the wrap. A stretch knit will change as baby is worn. The wrap loosens as the fibers stretch. You want the wrap to firmly support baby in the spread squat position. The position is knees of baby about level with belly button, spread about shoulder width apart and knees bent about 90 degrees.  
Why not attend a baby wearing meeting, learn about these carriers. Here is a listing of groups in Canada.   http://www.granolababies.com/babywearing-groups/info_27.html     
Nursing tank tops are genius! They snap like a nursing bra and cup drops down like a nursing bra allowing baby access. A button up shirt thown over you and baby in the wrap will provide coverage. If you concerned with exposure ask your spouse to watch you latch baby and to tell you what is exposed and to help you get to the point your both comfortable with.  
How frequently are you nursing? Baby migh tneed to nurse more frequently.
There is a For Sale or Trade forum on Thebabywearer.com you should be able to find a wrap in ther price point.  Other options are: Yahoogroups baby wearing swap, Craigslist and  local baby wearing groups that you can try a few different style types before you buy as well many have members who have carriers to sell. Length for wraps I think is a personal choice so trying before you buy can be a good option so you can make an informed decision.  Here is link...
  Here is a link http://www.sakurabloom.com/pages/Babywearing-Groups.html  You might hang onto your SSC until baby can properly fit the carrier.  Until then try  Ring slings, German style wovens and Podegais (Korean) carriers are suitible from birth to toddlerhood. You might want to check around your area for a local baby wearing group to help you find one of these carriers to meet your families needsRing slings, German style wovens and Podegais (Korean) carriers are...
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