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I made DH a mei tai manly sized and manly colors, he uses that and will use a ring sling if the mei tai is not easy to get to. The maturity of our little one mattered too he had to be about 4 months or so before DH was comfortable wearing the little one.
Have you reached out to ICAN-Online.org asking for help with the threat of lawsuit and seeking another care provider?
If you have a well made mei tai, German style woven wrap or soft structured carrier she can be worn on back now. The reccomendation for back carries starts at about 4 months. Here is a link for baby wearing groups maybe there is one near you. Hopefully that is the case and you can learn the different carriers and how to use them, without the expense.   http://www.sakurabloom.com/pages/Babywearing-Groups.html 
As baby matures she will grow past this stage. She is at an age where the little ones want to see. They do however need to filter information, re-organize and to sleep comfortably hip and back carries give baby the information she wants with the ability to snuggle down and off information. You might want to consider a carrier that will allow you to carry her on back or in a hip carry.  Here is a link for many DIY carrier projects....
There are experts on Amauti's on Thebabywearer.com please subscribe and as k your questiosn there.  
I would be concerned about proper developmental positioning being supported in a cradleboard.   The froggied position of knees at 90*,  about level with the baby's belly button, spread about shoulder width apart, this develops/supports, the hip, upper femur and the epiphyseal plate growth. This allows the baby's back to be supported in that rounded position that baby desires to be in without changing it.  The need to support this shape becomes less important to...
I think I would try to manage a bit with the two children. Then if a stroller is warrented make the expense when it is needed versus buying now only to maybe not need it. I would also buy or make a carrier that my friends and family can use. When my son was little my child care provider was not willing to wrap him yet she was willing to wear him. I made her a Mei Tai to wear him in. I made my husband a mei tai to fit his size. Dh still uses his mei tai with our 4...
When you go to wrap with the Moby tie it to you very tight your body, think like a t-shirt that is very snug. If your using the hug hold carry your looking for it to stretch to accomodate baby vs putting baby into it and not having the fabric stretch either a little bit or not at all. The tighter the better as it offers the most support when it has to stretch a lot to hold baby. Good luck and happy baby wearing!
Can you post pictures or describe what carry and carrier you are using?
Here is a link to a list of baby wearing groups. Often they have lending libraries that may offer to you,  these different ring sling shoulder styles to try before you buy.   http://www.sakurabloom.com/pages/Babywearing-Groups.html  
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