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She is still very young. She will get to the point where the world is very interesting and she will let you know when she wants that interaction. I would expect her reach that milestone about 4 months of age. Around that time baby's worn in carriers decide that facing the wearer is old news and want to view the world a bit more. I recommend hip and back carries as they give baby new things with the ability to re-organize and to shut off the information stream by...
There are a number of knock off Ergos available on Ebay, they are HARD to spot. If you find one at this price know it is a knock off and would not meet the quality safety standards of Ergo. If at anytime you need assurance of real or not please call or email Ergo.     http://www.ergobabycarrier.com/press/2009/05/important-notice-over-the-past.html    Important Notice Important notice:  Over the past few months, we have noticed a number of...
Here's a link for the DIY wrap forum on Thebabywearer.com http://www.thebabywearer.com/forum/showthread.php?438243-Making-A-Wrap-Useful-Links    Here's a link on a variety of DIY carrier tutorials   http://www.sleepingbaby.net/jan/Baby/index.html     
During DD birth she was posterior then the OB arom me, causing her to get stuck.  We had an amazing nurse (former midwife in the UK) who suggested an epidural to help relax and suggested my right knee be positioned up near my left shoulder this to get her to turn. This worked! DD turned and was born in less than a hour. She had a catput on her head for a month or so after attesting to her being stuck. There are a number of methods to help fix a bad alignment,...
Hi Sandy! I have been told that it often depends on how the uterine muscle was stitched double verses single. I think the best way to find out is to call.  
Wearing your baby will in no way keep baby from developmental milestones. The norm for sitting up is 9 months. You baby sounds normal and healthy to me.  
You can wear your baby in a German style woven wrap, or a Korean style carrier called a Podegai. I am happy to help via phone or in person I am in the Los Angeles area PM me for contact information.
I think a German Style wrap worn on back in a high carry would be answer. An Ergo will not get her up high enough to see over your shoulder.  
Proper positioning for baby should be like this. Baby's legs bent about 90* about  level with baby's belly button, and spread about shoulder width apart and maintains the lower curve. Supporting that lower curve allows for proper growth and development of the hip, femur, and the pelvis. This shape should be supported for baby until baby walks well. The Heart to Heart insert is designed to maintain young babies in this shape. The Ergo can be used with out the insert...
Lighter weight wraps are available. Many are useable beyond the norm of a Moby. . Wrapsody Baby Bali Breeze & Stretch, German style wraps all can be used for heavier babies.  
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