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Developmentally baby needs the insert for support and comfort in the Ergo.  Ergo developed the H2H insert because the Ergo itself is not made to be used for newborns.   http://kb.ergobabycarrier.com/questions/20/Why+do+I+need+the+infant+insert+and+how+long+do+I+need+to+use+it%3F    Other carriers more developmentally appropriate to newborns are German style woven wraps, ring slings and Korean Podegais.  
JMO a German Style woven wrap is a better investment than a Moby it will last well into toddler years and mulitple children allows for multiple position carris including back carries. The resale is also high. Here is a link for babywearing groups, maybe there is one near you where you can go to learn about, touch the different fabrics and get comfortable carriers before baby arrives.     http://www.sakurabloom.com/pages/Babywearing-Groups.html    Good luck!
If the Moby feels overwhelming to you a ring sling is a good alternative.
Maybe get a ring sling or German Style Woven wrap for your husband. Moby's can be hot. Ergo Infant insert can be hot. A shorted thinner wrap might be a good alternative.
German Style Woven wraps Didymos Storchenwiege, Hoppediz all offer 100% organic cotton wraps some in lighter weights than others. These wraps are usable from birth through toddlerhood and any other children you might have.  You can buy a variety of sizes fiber content (cotton, linen, wool, etc) they are vary versitile and offer a very good resale value as well.  
Where are baby's feet when you put her in a carrier?  I know many photos show baby has having legs in early on. I do not teach feet in when using a wrap, a ring sling or podegai for any baby. There is thought that this could have baby putting to much weight on the feet, and lower body.
You might check out the local baby wearing groups many offer lending libraries you might find a lighter weight wrap to use. BabywearingLA (find them on Facebook) has a meeting on Sunday 11:00AM to 1:00PM in Glendale at Nibley Park.         https://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=143198772415757      If baby is not well supported in the Ergo with the H2H insert a different carrier might be best for a young baby.  
If you have te heart to heart Ergo infant insert take the cushion out of the base of the insert and use that under baby. This to keep him in the knees about belly button level, shoulder width apart and at about 90*'s (froggied positioning)
Sounds like you have it working well for you. You might invest in a German Style Woven wrap. They are more supportive often lighter in weight have a variety of sizes and can be used well into toddlerhood.
Here is a link to your local baby wearing group(s) they might have carriers you can try or borrow and decide what will work for you. http://www.sakurabloom.com/pages/Babywearing-Groups.html 
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