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Just wanted to say that I hope you are finding some answers. 6mo DD just started having seizures 3 weeks ago so I am new to all of this. I talked with my aunt last night and she said that my cousin had them when she was little and that she would get them when she got hurt or when she was scared or startled (loud noises, getting yelled at, etc.). I think this is common for seizures. We had the whole work up done too. I definitely wouldn't research too much until...
I just typed up a big post and lost it! MAN! I'll try to remember everything I said. DD is 6 months old and started having myoclonic seizures 3 weeks ago. She has had 2 EEGs and her MRI will be tomorrow. She has these when she is falling asleep or just waking up a lot. She was on Phenobarbital, but had an allergic reaction to it. She is now on Keppra and vitamin B6. This was a good website for me to look at. http://www.epilepsyfoundation.org/ They have a...
We do Kindermusik and LOVE it! My son has learned so much through it that he applies to everyday stuff. I think music is awesome for our little ones. It helps their brains develop!
Thank God!
Always! I've never received any negative feedback from anyone.
Starmomma - We used Huggies for ds before we started cloth for dd. They aren't too bad, but Luvs and Pampers just reak of perfume!
I tried a little bit of fitteds, but I just love my pockets. I love Fuzzi Bunz and Wonderoos. I don't have any problems with the pockets not breathing. I have more trouble with the fitteds keeping the urine up against dd's skin. The pckets are great for keeping her dry! Even after a few hours. I'm not trying anything new anymore.
Hugs to you mama. We have been dealing with our own diagnosis this week so I think I can relate.
Quote: Originally Posted by mainegirl Some of these responses really made me laugh The reason? "I know you hate Elmo, that's why I got it, ha ha!" says my mother. Therefore I do not feel at all bad about passing them on for someone else to "enjoy". - Jen Sounds just like something my mom would do. Why, oh why are they so cleless and rude?
DS was 12 days late and he had meconium. DD was 10 days early and had no vernix.
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