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These are so big. Just wondering what people are using.
We just got this for our 2 1/2 yo ds. He really likes it! It does have a headphone jack although, I haven't used it yet. It's pretty cool! My only concern is that I'm worried the microphone cord will break because my son likes to lift it up by the cord. It's pretty rugged though - I think it's a good choice!
That is pretty funny! A friend of mine, (a woman) who cd'd her now 9 yo, put our fuzzi bunz on with the fleece part on the outside and the PUL on the inside! Needless to say, it would have been a big mess if I hadn't caught it in time!
Lots of interesting things here. We have a Maytag Neptune. We are too fighting the stink. THings have gotten better though. Here are some of my findings: * Tried Sportwash - hated it! IT makes the diapers smell way worse than when we don't use it. * Haven't tried Bac-Out. I have heard good things about that. * Boiling hemp didn't seem to work much for me. * I added water to the cycle, but I'm not sure if I was doing it right. I probably needed to...
Gonna make some enemies here, but I can't believe that you can NEVER EVER lie to your child. I mean, there's got to be something that you have lied about. Just like someone posted about the "I got your nose" game. That is technically a lie. And, Santa is a lie. I know not everyone plays that game. But, still, I just have a really hard time imagining it. I also believe that misleading someone by witholding information or letting them believe untrue information (not...
It is really sad. I have a friend who always talks about how she "taught" her dd to sleep through the night at like 4 months old. Yeah, "taught" - whatever! I hate the term. Many of my friends think that my way of parenting is crazy. I think they really think that if you don't let them CIO, you are weak. Our nurse practitioner rolled her eyes at me yesterday when I told her that I hold dd for her naps. It's my choice ya know!
I like Topher. It's very cute!
How much dish detergent? Also, I tried Sport wash and my diapers stink really bad! I never use it anymore.
I just tried some mutts I got from the TP. I got three and they have all held great! I've been having some leaking issues with my fuzzi bunz (we seem to be between sizes) and the mutts have held wonderful. They fit great, they are soooooo soft, and they are really cute. I am not going to use them without a cover though. Has anyone had experience with the regular fitteds and also the aio's? I am thinking about getting some of the aio's and just wondered what people...
I am struggling with what to do next year too. My son will be 3 1/2 next fall. I know I don't need to send him, but I really want to in a lot of ways. I used to teach at this really awesome Montessori school that I want to send ds to. I think he would love it! It's from 9-2 everyday though. That's where I am having difficulties.
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