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It might also help if you washed them every 1-2 days instead of every 2-3. That said, I do them at least every other day and my Kissaluvs still stain too. I'll have to try sunning.
My son bit and I tried everything to get him to stop. I think crying worked the best. When he bit, I would cry, just like he does - starting out slow and breaking out into a full cry with mouth open and eyes shut tight. It was a sight to see, but it worked. He didn't like it when I was sad. He alwaya laughed at me when I yelled or yelped. It got bad enough that I was bleeding and ready to quit nursing altogether. Good luck!
Thanks ladies! I'm off to check out some Muttaqins.
I didn't read through all the replies, so this may have already been covered. But, sometimes it is very hard to tell if a newborn has peed in a sposie especially if it wasn't very much. Also, I thought the pictures on the outside that dissappeared were for the kids to see if they went or not (like they don't already know). Anyway, just thought I'd add those thoughts. We used sposies on our ds, but cloth now on dd.
Here's my dilemma. I am using mostly fuzzi bunz (I have a few Kissaluv contours and other fitteds) and I wash every other day. I have about 15 FB diapers that are all SMALLS. But, about 8 of them are smaller than the others for some reason. These smaller smalls do not fit anymore, but the mediums I have are a bit too big still. I want to buy some more diapers, but don't really want to buy more small FB's if they aren't going to fit for much longer. My dd is just...
In the front in a Hugabub
My son started something similar recently. He started taking 4 hours naps and then he didn't want to go to bed until 9 or 10. So, we have started waking him up at 5 (no matter when he goes to sleep). Sometimes, he still has a 3 hour nap, but at least he'll go to bed by 8. I think you should try to wake him after 2 hours (or however long you want) and see how it goes. Even though you are waking a sleeping baby, it should be okay as long as he goes to bed earlier at...
I have a front loader and lots of people say to add water to it. But, some say to add to the wash cycle and some say to add to the rinse cycle. Both make sense to me for different reasons. So, what should I do? TIA
It is a lot of material to fold down and put under clothes. I would go with something else for the newborn stage. DD was 8 3/4 pounds and they worked, but a bit big on her. She wears them a little bit now and she is around 11 1/2 or 12 pounds. They fit much better now. You could always buy some and try them out and if they don't work, just set them aside until later. I actually like my Kissaluv contours. I would have preferred the fitteds, but I accidentally ordered...
Do you put the bleach in just like you would the detergent? I also have a bleach cup that adds the bleach at the right time in the wash cycle. My front loader does that.
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