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I need to strip my diapers. I am going to stop cding if I can't get the stink out. I don't see suds in the water when I rinse, but I have a front loader, so they don't suds much. I think I am going to try to boil my hemp at least. I'm not sure what else I can boil. The only other thing I have is Kissaluvs - hopefully, I can boil those tool. I was planning on turning up the heater 30 minutes before I washed the dipes and then turning it back down as soon as I was...
Another question: I've been reading and reading and reading here to figure out what to do next. It sounds like I might need to turn up the water heater to get the dipes good and clean. Our water heater just says "hot" and "hottest" on it and doesn't give any temperatures. I have a Maytag Front Loader. Do I need to be worried about turning up the water heater TOO HIGH? Someone said just turn it all the way up. Is that a good idea? TIA
I read that whole thread Kari - now I'm really confused. If this Sportwash doesn't work, then I have some ideas at least. I wish you could tell how things turned out before they pee in the dipes.
Can you use bleach on everything? I have Kissaluvs, Fuzzi Bunz, MOE inserts, and Hemp inserts. How much bleach?
Wondering the same thing. I tried FB with 2 Hemparoos inserts but that was very bulky!
I just bought some Sportwash and I am just praying that this helps. Our dipes are stinky after they are peed in - ammonia! It's all the dipees, but the hemp is worst! We have a frontloader. This is what I plan to do: Cold wash with 1/2 c baking soda/cold rinse Hot wash with 1 Tblsp. Sportwash/cold rinse Warm rinse/extra warm rinse (the hot wash is paired with a cold rinse) Does this look good? When should I put the TTO in? Also, what do you use for...
Thanks everyone. I am not quite as crunchy as most of the people here, but I'm working on that Your advice is helpful. I am now leaning toward not getting the flu vax. I usually do get sick from it when I get it, but thought it was the best thing to do since I have little ones. My dh is totally going to support whatever decision I make which I am thankful for. I am breastfeeding exclusively and plan to do so until dd decides to stop (up until she's about 2 or...
My son has had the flu vax 2 times already with no noticable problems. He is now 2 1/2 and probably doesn't need the vax, BUT, we also have a 7 week old baby. Our pedi suggests we should get the vax because she is at the highest risk of developing problems if she gets the flu. I know she can't get the vax, but he says the rest of the family should get it. If my son didn't have any problems with it the first two times, then is there really any concern that he would...
I went as Winnie the Pooh when I was pg.
I was just going to buy some of this - eager to hear more!
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