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Where do you get Sportwash?
Quote: Originally Posted by jevenyns Thanks for the info! I had some week old stored near door milk and we tried to make bottle last night but it was sour. Had to dump like 7oz total. : What a bummer! I will be sure to store in the BACK of the fridge/freezer now. oh man! that stinks - i hate throwing milk away!
I'm taking Keflex for mastitis - do i need to be worried about thrush? Is there anything i can do to help prevent it?
Thanks for the info everyone! At least I know I'm not hurting my hemp.
Does it hurt the hemp to put it in the dryer?
I'd like to hear if anyone has more opinions on powder vs. liquid. I can only get liquid here and am having smelly diapers.
Good question. We will be travelling to Norway next summer for 3 weeks. I'm not sure what to do. Sposies would take up way too much space, but I don't think I'm going to have the time or ammenities to be washing them daily.
No ideas for you - I just wanted to wish you luck.
I see that some people dry their hemp in the dryer and some line dry. Doesn't it take forever to line dry? Should I be line-drying?
Does just one wash with more detergent help or do you need to do several washes before the stink is gone?
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