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Good info. We have such stinky dipes and I don't know what to do next, so I'll have to try this.
Well, I tried holding her over the sink this morning when she was grunting. She did pass some gas, but no poop. I think she just has problems pooping, buut we'll keep trying this.
Thanks - I'll have to try that.
OK, I am nott ECing, but I am interested in it. My 4 week old has a lot of trouble pooping. She grunts and groans and turns red, and I am sure she is trying to poop, but can't. The doctors have said that she just doesn't have the coordination down yet. Anyway, when she does finally poop, it is usually once ever 36 hours or so. It could be 3 times in one day or only once every 3 days though - usually the latter. So, how would you deal with this? Especially when...
It seems to me that I am in the minority around here because I would never let my kids CIO. At least not when they are babies. We finally had to let DS cry when he wanted to continue nursing at least 5 times a night when he was around 15 months old. I just couldn't handle it anymore. BUT, he was in the bed with us, so he knew we weren't abandoning him. I felt ok with that, and he adjusted right away! I just don't understand how people let their kids cry. ...
LizaBear - I know what you mean about raising a daughter. I also have a two year old son and now a 4 week old daughter. My mom and I have a very strained relationship also. I'm worried most about the teenage years! But, that's a long time from now - I'm thinking and observing other parents with teens. By the time that gets here, I hope I'm ready to deal with it. Kari - My dr. told me to just eliminate straight milk. It didn't seem to help much, so I'm back to...
DD is having trouble pooping. She grunts and groans most of the time she is awake. She eventally poops, but it's usually only once a day at the most. When she poops, it looks like it's supposed to. She's just not happy most of the day. Her eyes are squinty and i know she is in pain. Anyone have any similar experiences? Any help would be g reatly appreciated.
I was very concerned about this too. Most things I found said that newborns normally sleep between 16-20 hours a day. But, some sleep 10 hours and some sleep 23 hours. We have a 23 hour a day sleeper, but she has been awake more this 3rd week of life. The doctors kept telling me that as long as she is gaining weight and appears healthy, then there's no need to worry.
we are using the fuzzi bunz at night. they seem to be working well.
i'm definitely NOT hungry all the time - don't know why!
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