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My son does not have a milk allergy, but he did have an egg allergy. We thought it could be milk so we did some research into that. He could have no problems with the dairy products like cheese and yogurt, but that milk could give him problems. I guess this isn't uncommon. Also, it could be milk intolerance and not milk allergy. Don't know exactly what to tell you about the difference in those, but that's what we were told. Also, we found that our son did not have an...
Thanks Samantha - that helps a lot! I didn't know about washing the hemparoos multiple times. Good to know. I read somewhere that you could use All Free Clear, so I have some of that. What about Whisk? That's what we usually use, so I was just wondering. We also have a front loader and All doesn't make the High Efficiency detergents. We can still use them though I think.
I had a friend named Onna (like Donna, just without the D). Also, in one version of Hamlet - didn't Helena Bonham Carter play Ophelia? Just an interesting tidbit! I like Ophelia or Olivia the best I think. Helen or Helena is nice for middle names too. Good luck!
What about Antonio? Marcus Antonio!
OK - I'm totally new at this. I have some new Wonderoos, Fuzzi Bunz, Babykicks Hemparoos, Bummis covers, and Bumpy covers that I need to wash. Some are white, but some are bright colors. I heard that if they are PUL covers (which I think they are) than I don't need to worry about washing them all together. I don't want the bright colors to bleed all over the white ones. Can I wash them all together? Also, do I need to do anything special with these when I wash...
So, do Fuzzi Bunz work well? That's what I have the most of. Wondering if I need to order some fitteds now.
I worked in a Montessori School for 2 years in the 3-6 classroom (which ends with the Kindergarten year). First of all - ALL Montessori schools are different, so just because I liked mine, doesn't mean that it will be the same as the one you now attend. The Montessori name is in the public domain so that means that ANYONE can use the name for their school, even if it has nothing to do with Montessori. Okay, here's my opinion of the kindergarten year. It is...
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