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I logged in to get some new inspiration for a long style haircut, but maybe I will just leave it. Here he is at 28 mo, and the previous post was 14 mo.
DSʻs hair is in his eyes a lot lately too and he refuses any kind of hat, pins, clips or hair ties. Nothing can touch his head! I have just been combing it really well to the side after his bath and putting a little gel in it, to help train it to go to the side and not the front. Itʻs still in his eyes a ton, but I figure that in a few more months, it will fit behind his ears. 
Thank you for your sweet thoughts. I'm in shock right now still, having only stepped out of my little cave a few minutes ago to hear the news. But it's wonderful to see your post, I've missed you. I hope and your little cuties have extra time to snuggle today. :) 
My husband got a job offer in Houghton, MI and we are considering moving there. What's it like? Is there much of a crunchy mama community, or any mama community of support, LLL, other? What do you like to do in the UP? My parents live in Iron Mountain and I've visited there a ton as a kid, but only in summers, so I have to admit I'm a little scared of the rest of the year!  I'm from California and have lived in Seattle and now on the Big Island of Hawaii, so to say this...
Lady Jennifer! So good to see you posting again! Any chance you are on Facebook? The DDC is super active over there and would love to have you join, let me know if you want to.   And if Italiamom is reading along.... join us too, WE MISS YOU!!!
LOL, I remember those days of waiting impatiently for AF to come, it seemed like all my friends had it before me in junior high!    Unfortunately AF came back for me at 5 mo PP, so I canʻt relate, but I think you should enjoy it while itʻs gone! I have never been a big fan of it anyway. But it sounds like you have perpetual PMS, and that canʻt feel good either. 
Thanks for all the inspiration and cute pics! I love my 14mo DSʻs long hair but itʻs so straight and fine that I worry it bothers him in his face. I donʻt really want to do bangs so Iʻve been parting it to the side, but someone told me he looked like a 60ʻs insurance salesman :( I know it was just a joke, but I wonder if I should trim it. How do you trim it without making bangs, or do you just have to let it go through the awkward stage of being in the eyes? Iʻd love...
I was definitely grossed out by the idea the first time I heard about it, but eventually I came around to the idea. I was so scared of PPD or PPP (my mom was hospitilized for PP Psychosis) so I tried to set myself up to reduce my chances as much as possible. I thought DH would be grossed out, but he thought it was pretty cool and he helped me dehydrate it since it was hard for me to stand up in the kitchen for long periods of time at the time. The pills smelled strong,...
One tip that I use with my 14mo old has been to whisper back to him. He thinks itʻs really cool and tries to whisper back to me. It doesnʻt always work, but itʻs one of things I use. 
I had this problem with my son a few months ago. A friend recommended that I just repeat "on your bottom" every time he stood while helping him sit down. I thought it would never work and literally said "on your bottom" 20-30 times in a 10 min bath. But after a couple weeks, it really worked! He rarely stands up anymore and will sit pretty quickly when I say it. He was too young at the time to understand "on your bum or else you're done", but just repeating it over and...
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