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I've always heard good reviews about balance bikes, but when I look at one I just wonder what is the difference between a balance bike and a regular kids bike with the pedals taken off? Is it really worth having a special bike?
filthy toys! 
Just wanted to see if anyone is still over here to say hello. Italiamom, I know you read sometimes but can't post... hello!    And someone mentioned they missed Copper Kettle, are you still here too?   Anyone else?   Things are going well for us right now. I quit my job in July when DH started his new job, so we swapped roles of being a WOH and SAH parent. He really misses River a ton, but I think he's happy to be moving forward with his career. Personally...
You're definitely not alone, I could have written your post myself word for word! I'm in a due date club 1+ years later and everyone but me seems to have baby fever already. Only 1 other mama out of about 50 is planning on having an only.    Part of me is sad to think I won't be pregnant again, because that was so amazing. I just can't imagine having another child in my life. 
I was just telling DH that I wish we had "a wife" because I always wished I knew how to make a house feel homey. I don't ever think to paint a room or decorate pretty or add colorful accents in a house, but whenever I'm in a house that is like that, I always feel like mine is so dorm-like or utilitarian. I guess I don't want to learn how to do that kind of stuff, I just want to walk into my house and already have it that way.    I wish I was the type of person to fix...
  Good point! I always hated how cold my stomach would get if I happened to be wearing only 1 shirt. :) 
Sounds like you have a great start. I pumped from 5weeks until I quit my job at 11months, so here's my thoughts based on my experience:    *I love, love, love my Hygeia pump. It's a closed system, meaning the milk doesn't run through the pump parts and have a chance to get molded. Plus it's the only pump I know of that meets the WHO guidelines. Here's the review that sold me on...
Whoot, whoot! Glad to have you over there CM!  
Ditto on the meetup, it was so wonderful to meet you in person :)   Please consider the FB thing. There are quite a few mamas who have fake FB names and only use it for this group. I miss you!
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