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My DS is only 12 months and an only child, but he sounds a lot like your DC do... very adventurous, climbing everything, getting into everything no matter how many times you re-direct. Personally, I don't think that baby-proofing will slow them down at all or hinder development at all. If I were you, I'd toss that idea away and look at what else is driving you to de-baby proof. Because if it's working for everyone, then there's no need to change it now. I think that as...
Lyn, that sounds romantic   DH and I did something similar a while back and had a "date-night" after DS went to bed. It was very nice, but definitely no veal marsala and tiramisu! Enjoy!    Milestones.... for as much time as I've spent online with you ladies, I am sad to say I haven't been keeping track of much. I think I'll take your advice PL and dig through old posts.    I'm starting to find a normal day-to-day for me, as I've been a SAHM for about a month...
Yay, I got to be in a dream! Usually Carrie hogs all those :P   How cute is it that he sleeps sitting up! 
PL - I love the brother cuddles, so adorable!    Carrie - Great family pic! Sometimes it's hard to get the whole fam in the frame, but this is definitely a keeper :)    Here's a couple of my guy:    Yummy birthday cake:        He loves rocks & sticks!      Mama cuddles  
Yay! You have to accept my friend request, and then I'll add you. Then it has to be approved by Kim, the admin (don't remember her MDC name), but I think she's on vacation right now so it might be a few days.    Who's next!?
I'm so excited to be flying to Portland this week, yay! Except for the fact that I'll be flying with an almost-1 year old. Sigh.   Looks like we are meeting on Wed Aug 8th. I'll send the info to Elevena, Italiamom and Mareseatsoats in PM. I already confirmed with Jillybeans, Beckily and ReeTee over Facebook.... am I missing anyone? If so, send me a PM! 
That's awesome! Sounds like she needs to come over for a play date :) 
I love all these pictures of our not-quite-babies-anymore! I realized that I haven't been taking any pictures lately and I think it's because River is so darn fast now! He no longer crawls (except when really sleepy) and runs all over the place. Plus, he loves the camera so I have to take a quick pic and then hide it before he tries to eat it. :)     Here we are playing in the backyard last week:        In the very beginning, I always thought he and Ellie...
PMing you
Ack, the smoking! My dad jokes that when they opened the car doors it looked like the van from Cheech and Chong movies with smoke billowing out. But of course they cracked the driver's window to let it all out! I remember in 6th grade one of my teachers wanted to have a serious talk with me about how he was worried that I was smoking. I have NEVER once in my life smoked a cig, and to this day get nauseous when I smell it, but he wouldn't believe me because he said he...
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