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I hope you get to go and have lots of fun Becky!    Question for you Portland people: is it reasonable not to get a rental car? We are staying near Reed College and DH has to get to the convention center every day. River and I just want to explore. Is it reasonable to just use public transportation the whole time? We are flying in really late, so we'd just take a cab to our place the first night. 
Elevena, we've missed you!     I'm coming to Portland too and I can't wait to meet you all! I'll be there Aug 1-12, but I have family visiting so I don't know yet when I'm free. Be sure and save some MDC fun for me you guys! 
Woo Hoo! That's great! 
So, I'm coming to Portland afterall! I hope I can meet up with Ree Tee, Italiamom, Jillybeans, Mareseatoats and Beckily (if you can come that far)... am I missing anyone?  I'll be there Aug 2-12 but will be most available Aug 4-9, since those are the days that DH will be busy at his conference and we might be traveling the other dates. I haven't confirmed it yet, but I think we are staying at a place we found on Air B&B that is in the Hawthorne neighborhood. I hope we...
Tear, I sent you a PM back to get you signed up.    Carlyle, you're part of our DDC too, you can join! Just PM me with your facebook profile name and accept my friend request when I send it. 
Millie does sound so sensitive, I'm sorry it makes her cry when you tell her not to bite. :(   Lately I feel like I just get by. Baby is fed, plays with toys, gets naps, gets kisses, go on walks, repeat. I am quitting my job in a few weeks and am excited to start a few more activities with him. I have been going to a LLL meeting once a month, and will most likely go to a second one when I quit. There's also a very informal parents FB page for my area and they often...
I saw this comic today and thought about this thread.    FWIW, I don't think I even had a name for "it" growing up. Maybe "my thing" but mostly it was left un-talked about. When I got older I used the word vagina to mean all the parts. 
I agree that you might want to try another browser. Chrome and Firefox are both well used, free browsers that you can download in just a few minutes.   Also, I like to use the Tabs when I'm on MDC. I'm not sure if Explorer has them, but Chrome and Firefox do.  
I am determined to come to this group more and chat, because I miss you all! I just changed my signature to reflect my squirmy wormy baby. I had a nursing at keyboard picture on it before, but there is no way I can even have the laptop out when DS is around, let alone nurse him while typing, LOL!  Now that he's started walking, he thinks it's the coolest thing ever to walk up to me and nurse for a second, then walk away. Repeat.     I'm really struggling with how...
Or a completely padded room! 
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