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Yay! I feel bad that I don't post here more often because I miss all you non-FBers, but we really do talk so much more over there. It's just easier I guess. The group is secret so you can't find it by searching, but I can have you added. Just PM me with your Facebook link. The bonus of having it secret is that no one can see what you post there, except for those of us in the group, and we all know everyone in the group so there's no sketchy people in there. 
Lady corner? Is that like the lady garden?  
  I JUST learned about this last month when I got a rental car for a work trip. I was complaining about how I never know what side to go to when I'm driving a rental and my co-worker laughed that I didn't know about this. :)
Those rubber brooms are GREAT for getting pet hair out of carpet, but I never liked using it as my only broom for the floor.  
I have always sucked at high-fives, and recently learned that you will hit them almost every time if you look at the other person's elbow instead of their hand. Genius!  
And you don't have to do the pre-clean! That's always the worse part me for when I'm hosting a party :)   Thanks for the recipe Lyn, I think I'll make that this weekend!
I don't know too much about it, but I've heard that milk with high lipase can get that soapy taste the longer it sits out. Some people don't notice it for a day or two of sitting, and some notice it right away and have to scald the milk before storing it. Here's some more info on it: http://kellymom.com/bf/pumpingmoms/milkstorage/lipase-expressedmilk/ If you think your milk tastes fine, then this isn't the problem.   We just did trial and error for bottles, being...
I grew up around a lot of meth users, and I agree with Katwoman that it really changes their brain and who they are permanently. That doesn't mean that she can't stop and find a new, sober life, though. She can if she wants to, but only if SHE wants to.   Have you heard of AlAnon? It's a support group for people with addicts in their lives, and can be very helpful. http://www.al-anon.alateen.org/local-meetings
I don't have any experience with this, but have been doing my own research  on when to stop pumping since DS is 10 months and my goal was to quit pumping at around a year. From what I've read online here at at Kellymom, most moms had no problem cutting down on their pumping at 12+ months, and it didn't affect their nursing on days off. From their advice, I just plan to reduce my pumping slowly to be easy on my body.   Anyway, like I said, I don't have experience with...
  This is a very interesting discussion. DS is still a baby, so I'm not in a place to have to make any decisions about this yet, but I'm curious as to what will work for us in the future.   I do have a question for those who don't really regulate treats in your house, yet have children who do not overindulge. Do you think that your family is naturally inclined to self-regulate, or do you think that your outlook on food is what drives their behaviors on food?  I like...
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