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I think my subscriptions page used to be arranged by which had a most recent post. Now it's in a completely different order and I've been missing some updated threads because they are buried under a list of non-updated threads. Any tips?
I only end up taking pictures when River's in a good mood, but I think I need to capture the whole experience... gotta get a pic of him crying like nettles got of M!    For now, here's some recent pics:    We took River to a friend's wedding and he did great. He cooed and nursed through the whole ceremony and didn't make too much noise. Here he is exploring after the ceremony.    As his hair grows out, I think the back is starting to curl up just like...
So much good advice! I second the idea of bringing a carrier with you and breastfeeding on takeoff and landing. I used my carrier to help DS get to sleep during a long layover. Some other things I've done: -bring my own pillow so I could put behind my lower back or under my elbow for support when holding sleeping baby. -small blanket too -give yourself plenty of extra time for EVERYTHING and bring extra diapers/wipes (you never know!) -snacks for you and baby I don't...
That definitely resonates with me. DS cried a ton when he was little, although it didn't really follow the 'colic' rule of being in the evenings only and it didn't end until 4-5 months. I also tried cutting certain foods out of my diet, and gave up after 2 weeks each time. Just like in that link, people kept insisting that I gave up too soon, and that if only I had tried harder, I could have fixed my son and made him happy. I don't know, maybe it's true, but I just keep...
Oh Malcolm, you tiny little baby boy!
OMG, when did you kidnap my kid and give him a pickle? That pic totally looks like River :)   The sleeping brother & sister pic is the best!  
I have an unpadded Maya Wrap ring sling. When I was pregnant, I knew I wanted a ring sling but didn't know the differences between brands and I saw Maya on Amazon, so I put in on my Baby Registry, since they give you 10% off.  I do love using a Ring Sling, but if I could do it over, honestly I'd go for another brand. I don't know if the older ones are made the same, but the one I have only fits one shoulder and it's really bulky and thick.
  My DS was born on my EDD and we didn't have a NICU stay, but what you wrote in the bolded is exactly what we experienced! I don't want to discount your struggles, but I would throw out my 2 cents and say that this isn't necessarily related to his start in life. Reading Dr. Sear's 12 Features of High Needs baby is such a wonderful little description and actually makes me laugh out loud, because it is so right on target for us. One of those things where you have to laugh...
I agree, most people do it, but just more in a "US/socially acceptable" way. Bottles, formula, bottle propper pillows, etc are all common gifts.  
  Good to know, thanks!
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