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Kara, my ped prescribed vit D supplements for us too, but then went on to say that she never used to do it, but the practice wants her to do it so.... But we live in a really sunny area, so I don't think I'm worried about it.    About DTD, I can't even imagine that right now. I'm only 2.5 weeks PP, but my bleeding has stopped and my stitches feel much better, but.... no mojo at all. I've been faking the mojo a few times here and there to 'help out' DH so he can stay...
  Bree, River and I are currently dealing with thrush, and Kellymom has been a great resource for me, check it out.  If your LC says you don't have it, I wouldn't really worry about treating for it, but if you do get it you will need to treat both of you since mom and baby pass it back and forth to each other.  It might not hurt to take some probiotics, though.    Sorry you are dealing with all this pain with the mastitis. I feel for you... I just want to...
Reading your post brought tears of hope and happiness to my eyes. Sending you lots of love Sara, and hoping your little Buttercup makes her appearance soon! 
Sending your family  and .
Thinking of your fam  
Thanks for the support and the links.  I knew I should trust my gut which says to just nurse him whenever he wants, even if it's all the time. I am using GV & probiotics for both of us, and nystatin cream for me.  I'm also using vinegar wipes several times a day, so hopefully we can get this thing in check soon.    I think that since he's been so gassy and seems to have a sore mouth, his latch is getting poor, so I'll keep working on that.    Thanks again! 
For the last few days, my 2 week old wants to be on the boob all the time.  He wants if for nursing, but then he also just wants to suckle all day long too.  I know that it's best to feed "on cue" and comfort nursing is ok for little ones, but we are dealing with thrush right now which makes it super painful to nurse.  Also, I live in a really hot, humid environment and my LC said that comfort nursing can lead to more thrush problems. But what can I do when he is crying...
Sorry to crash the Overdue Club, but I just wanted to share that I was barely 1cm dialated at 1pm on a Friday and started labor at 3am on Saturday. Don't let the number wear you down!    And I'm sending all you 40+ ladies lots of ELVs!   
OK, so I need to ask.... tuck it down when? Before closing the diaper? When changing him? River hates baths, but this boy pees all over himself and me all the time!  
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