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#1 was 14 hours 16 mos later, #2 was 3 hours 21 mos later, #3 was about 12 hrs Eta: I was also concerned that #3 was going to be as fast and as intense as #2 had been. I spent a lot of time at the end of the pregnancy meditating on how I wanted it to go, picturing and imagining it would go like #1. All three were natural births, no interventions, 1st was in hospital, 2nd and 3rd were homebirths, 2 different midwives. The 3rd did go much more like my first: steady,...
I hope everyone is feeling as great as they're looking! No change in my bump. Hope you all have a great weekend!
Thank you, Crickets. I did consider washing my mirror and retaking the photo today. But that would also have required changing my clothes, washing my face, doing my hair... j/k, I'm not really that girl. I think you absolutely should post an updated belly pic! That precious little boy in your tummy deserves to be shown off just like the rest of our babes! Absolutely be proud!!
Has anyone in this club joined the pregnancy photo contest currently going on? Be sure to let us know so we can vote!
Everyone has adorable bumps! As someone else said, it's fun to see the different ways pregnancy fits different people - all of the ways are beautiful! This picture was taken this weekend, 13 weeks 1 day, baby number 4 (in 5 years). And, ahem, please excuse the dirty mirror. Looking forward to seeing the progression as everyone goes along!
My sister felt the same way after her D&C, she was glad to be done and move past. I am sorry for your loss and I hope the new life that comes with Spring helps with your healing.
Mama2toby, I am also so very sorry to hear that!
I could have written your post, Goingonfour - that is exactly how I've been thinking and feeling. I even double checked the calendar today (still only 9 1/2 wks!) and have been questioning my dates, wondering if twins (much more sick and tired, 4th pregnancy for me)... I Know I know what fetal movement feels like, but the little olive is just beginning to have the ability to move arms and legs, so I don't know... I won't accuse any of you of imagining things, but I'm...
Hi Mamas!  I'm Christalena.  My EDD is Sep 19 (based on ovulation) but all 3 of my LOs came after their DD (6 days, 12 days, and 8 days) so I'm expecting this one to be at least a week past...   I'm 35, married to my husband of 5 years, and our children are: DS 4.5, DD 3, and DD 15 mos.   I can picture us having a girl, but if I could choose I would like a boy to round things out. :)   I don't know yet if we will find out gender, we didn't for #1 and #2, and we did...
I agree.  I also offer my LOs 2 Yeses for each No.  "You can't hit your brother, but you can give him a kiss, or you can hit the arm of the couch."  "You can't knock over the frames, but you can touch them with one finger or you can knock over your blocks." It works like a charm!!  (when I remember to use it...)  "Touch with one finger" is also a lifesaver for me!  It works in stores and others' homes.     FTR, my DS is 3 yr 3 mos, and DD will be 2 this month.  It works...
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