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Girlfriend, you're still addicted. I wish I could push a button and just 'pop' you out of it. I've been there too, no judgment, but get that monkey off your back!!
Quote: Originally Posted by Starflower Personally, I prefer them over some of the other kids' books just because the MTH siblings aren't constantly sniping at each other all the time. I was just coming to bemoan the snarky undertones of the sibling relationship. Jack is a bit of an uppity brat toward his younger sister.
Quote: Originally Posted by sosurreal09 he told me i either marry him now or not at all. everyone keeps telling me its whats best for DD.... That is NOT indicative of a genuine suitor. He needs therapy/mega self-help if he's saying that to you. And, press your "everyone" for specific, rational, calculable reasons why it's 'best' for your child. Hold them accountable, and expect clear examples from their own lives, how their own children...
Hm. When it comes to marriage, I say 'when in doubt, don't'. Not sure if this feels helpful or not.
Oh, *hell* no it's not too late. You can say 'I've been meaning to thank you for a while' if you like...but I say it's not necessary. Just send it!
OMG! I thank the three of you ever-so humbly. You have saved me oodles of time/trial. I feel so effective and can't wait to get this stuff filed! Whee!
PS, I am trying to figure it out for myself as well....Just not having the success yet...(In case proactivity spurs on your pity )
And when I try to copy/paste it to Word, the formatting is totally wonky and will take me hours to modify. I wonder if there's just some simple trick that someone here can offer up to me? It's legal and I don't think I can just retype it into Word...well, it's a lot of money to invest and then get rejected, anyway... If you are interested, I can PM a link to the PDF in question. Thanks for reading/considering... Mama Q
My six year-old was fascinated by my A/P materials. He helped me by cutting my flashcards, and doing matching exercises with me. It was particularly helpful, as it got me reading terms out loud, which I didn't realize was so valuable.
New Posts  All Forums: