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I love carrots cooked in wine. When we make pork roast in the crockpot and we add carrots, I add some wine and they come out so yummy.
DS1 (10) used to have a lot more chores than he does now. He doesn't get home until 4PM, he does his homework on the bus, when he gets home he changes clothes and I let him unwind. In the mornings he needs to make his bed and before he goes to bed he has to leave a pathway in his room. lol Weekends he helps out, he either puts the dishes away, or sweeps the floors etc.
So far today I:   Sent DS1 off to school Cleaned bathroom while DS2 was happy sitting with daddy and BIL. Picked up toys Changed diapers Nursed DS2   DH started dinner. Chilli. :) He is running some errands for me right now while DS2 naps.   I still have to do:   Litter box Vacuum
Bejeweled. He stayed home yesterday with fevers and coughing, but is better today and is back in school.: Today I need to: Clean litterbox Clean bathroom Yesterday I did laundry, vacuumed, rested with the kids.
Deleted. Double post.
JJ. I second the bath tub, when Eddie is having a really bad night/day the bath helps calm him. (((((((Hugs))))))))) Well, Ds1 is home from school. Sun. He puked, yesterday he started coughing plus fever, today he has a low grade fever and cough. I don't want to sent him to school. Talking about school, I have been seriously thinking of homeschooling him through middle school and on.
DS1 is at home sick. :( So far I washed and folded DS1's clothes. Washing DS2 and DH and mine's laundry. DH made us all breakfast and then left to one of his jobs to fix someone's car.   I still have to make some chicken noodle soup. Take a shower because I stink. lol
My DS2 who is almost 13 months old had some cows milk yesterday with dinner and then again today, and his poops were green today. They were watery green. He only gets a little bit with dinner, the rest is all breast milk. I am wondering if the green poo is from the milk I gave him. My oldest son was lactose intolerant until he was almost 2. I am wondering if E is too. :/
i meant surprise rewards. I hate typing on phone.
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