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I like rewards too. I don't see nothing wrong with them. Unless its a habit where the child automatically assumes gets a reward. That is the parents problem.
I don't like weight training. I do love walking. I could walk all day, to library and back, store and back. I also love riding my bike.
JJ- There are also a ton of work out stuff on Youtube. :-) You can do it!!!! 
My DS1 is in 4th grade right now, but when he was in 3rd grade he got an insane amount of homework. I protested it, and she cut it way down. Some days he had 5 worksheets a day + reading + finishing projects.  When I talked to his teacher how I thought it was insane, she cut it way down. 
I am curious to know how much (if at all) homework your 4th grader gets a day?   My DS1 has reading, 2 work sheets, and a journal. Mon through Thurs. No Homework on weekends.
My 10 year old did not talk very much until he was almost 3 years old. E is almost 13 months old and has a few words.  I am not worried about it. Kids will do everything at their own pace, not when we think they should talk.   I hate it that people thought my oldest son was autistic based only on his speech delay. It drove me nuts. We would take him to the Ped. for an eari nfection and they  wanted to sent me to a OT to work on his speech. He was only 2 years...
Wow!! GO NORA!! That is amazing!!!
Last year it stated on the disc that state was free though. This year it didn't. Hmmm. Now I feel like a bitch. But AF is about to turn its ugly head and I am impatient. lol
My MIL drives me bonkers sometimes. She bought turbotax for the computer, does her federal, files it. No problem. Its pretty easy breezy if you follow instructions. Keyword: INSTURCTIONS. She is bitching, moaning and groaning, so I ask her what's wrong. She yells "Its asking me to pay for filing state, its supposed to be FREE!" I asked to look on the cover of the disc. I told her its not free. She bitches some more and is convinced it is free, it has to be, because...
My 10 y/o left our bed when the youngest was born. I was so scared of him rolling onto my 12 month old. Then, I got used to him not sleeping in our bed. I tried having him sleep with us when DH was out of town, but I just couldn't anymore. We produce a lot of body heat (DS1 DS2 and I) and the three of us in bed together is like being in a hot oven. I just couldn't sleep anymore. We're looking at it like an unpaid vacation. I will miss him so much when he starts work...
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